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Announcement: Murder at the Green Lantern, by Alex Morgan

Murder at the the Green LanternQSFer Alex Morgan has a new paranormal mystery book out:

After a fetish party at a gay bar in Washington, DC, a young man is murdered and left nailed to a St. Andrew’s cross. Paranormal gay sleuth Corey Shaw thinks someone has passed a divine judgment on him, and may be sending a signal to other gays in the city. The mystery leads him on a trail from a leather bar in the nation’s capital, to Boston, and to the hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate.

Following on from his first mystery Breathless, Corey Shaw returns for more erotically-charged thrills and steamy suspense.

Corey Shaw Mysteries, Book 2



As Corey looked into the room beyond, his breath caught in his throat at the horrific scene just a few feet inside the glass. The young man nailed to the St. Andrew’s cross was naked and blood from a huge gash in his throat drenched the lean muscular body. Nails had been driven through this wrists and feet, which were also bloodied. Corey sickened at the sight of the poor soul.

“We’re calling the night crew to see if they saw or heard anything when they closed,” the detective said when Corey returned to the first floor. “Maybe someone remembers him from last night.”

“I saw him.”

Detective Nash whirled around on him. “You did?”

“For a while,” he answered. “I remember him very well. He was flirting with everyone, including me. Asking for drinks and suggesting that he may reciprocate, if you get my drift.” That memory now seemed to be years ago and the fresh face of the young man was a stark contrast to the ghostly white specter he just saw.

“Not really.”

“Buy him a drink and he may go home with you.” Corey turned to face the detective squarely in the eyes. He understood. This was no mere wallflower. The victim made himself an easy target. If he teased someone and then rejected him, that could provoke a murderous ire in some people.

“Did you buy him a drink?”

Corey glanced at him sharply. That was an inappropriate remark from one law enforcement officer to another. But the detective’s expression showed Corey that he meant no disrespect. Just curiosity. Or was it something else? His earlier question about the Psionic Corps’ interest in the case hinted that he may have misgivings about Corey’s paranormal abilities.

That’s it, Corey thought. Since by his own admission at being at the scene of a crime shortly before it occurred, the detective considered him to be a suspect. He was not offended, because he would be suspicious if the positions were reversed.

“He was so plastered by the time he made it to me, he could barely stand up. I’m not picking up a drunk no matter how cute he is.” Corey spoke matter-of-factly so Nash could get the point. He could tell by the slight change in the detective’s posture and the tone of his voice, Corey thought he did. Even after his stout denial, he didn’t look placated.  “But plenty of other guys did.”

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Author Bio

Alex Morgan was born and raised in western Oklahoma where he attended college and majored in chemistry and mathematics. Later, he moved to the Dallas area where he obtained his master’s degree and then a doctorate in analytical chemistry. He now lives and works in Baltimore.

He is an avid reader, particularly mysteries, since being introduced to the Hardy Boys in grade school. After reading his first Agatha Christie novel, Murder on the Orient Express, in junior high, mysteries have been one of his biggest enjoyments. He has always enjoyed reading comic books and loves the super-hero genre just as much. Combining these two concepts, he has written two mystery novels prior to “Breathless”, in which he introduced gay, paranormal sleuth Corey Shaw and its sequels “Murder at the Green Lantern”, “Invisible Curtain” and, just released this year “Legacy of Hephaestus”. He is also the author of many gay erotica short stories, with subjects ranging from BDSM to Bearotica.

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1 thought on “Announcement: Murder at the Green Lantern, by Alex Morgan”

  1. I mean no disrespect, but why is this being promoted as a “new” book? According to Goodreads, it was first published in 2010 (though I sort of question that) and Amazon says it was published just under 2 years ago…and there have apparently been 2 more books in the series published since this one.

    I can’t believe I’m the only one who is/would be annoyed by being told a book is “new” when it’s at least a couple of years old. I have no problem with an author promoting a particular book in a series, but it should be done without hiding the fact that, as here, the book being promoted is the second in a four-book series.

    Just my USD .02.


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