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ANNOUNCEMENT: Omega Chattel – Wendy Rathbone

Omega Chattel - Wendy Rathbone

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new MM omegaverse book out, The Omega Misfits Book 5: “Omega Chattel.”

At Zilly’s Chattel Farm, Alli is seen as an upstart Omega. But in reality, he is the victim of a brutal house-dad who wants to control him. Threatened with being institutionalized when he turns eighteen, Alli runs away.

Tarin is an Alpha who runs a small school from his own home for wayward Omegas. Three or four students at a time are all he can handle and his home is full. But when he meets Alli on the streets, he is compelled to bring him home.

Alli wants a better future for himself, better than selling himself on the streets, so he agrees to be a student, when what he really wants is Tarin himself. Tarin doesn’t sleep with his Omega students, and the one exception he made broke his heart.

But Alli is persistent. And not only does Tarin have a weakness for broken young men, there seems to be a spontaneous bond forming between them. The combination is turning hotter faster than they can keep up.

Non-shifter omegaverse, fated mates, age gap, virgin, knotting/bonding, high steam, HEA.

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As the Alpha came around the front of the car, I noted again how big he was, how his pale blue eyes glinted under the parking lights beneath a fall of dark hair that curved over his left eyebrow and mixed perfectly with the rest of his glossy hair. His body was lean-waisted, but I could see muscles pulling at his sleeves and at the thighs of his jeans.

Something stirred inside me. The way he smelled—everything—it was almost annoying. Because maybe I wanted him, but didn’t want to want him beyond what I could get right now. A meal. A bed. Maybe some cash.

He led the way to the diner’s entrance and I had to hurry to catch up.

“Hey, you never told me your name.”

“No,” he replied.

I let out a flustered groan.

He turned. “You going to behave?”

My stomach growled. I growled, “Whatever you want.”

The restaurant had farm décor all over the walls and counters, and I was so not impressed for my first time entering a diner. Little trellises covered with fake vines, tiny shovels with ribbons on the ends, wooden cutouts of pastel painted chickens and pigs. The booths were baby pink and blue. It was the last place I thought this Alpha would want to be.

But when we were seated, he said, “The burgers here are the best I’ve ever had.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“And my name is Tarin.”

“Oh, um.” I hated that I could think of no words to respond. Tarin. I liked how the name rippled in my mind.

Author Bio

Currently, I write all male/male romances. For many years it has been my first love, and is my focus.

If you are not sure which of my books to try first, pick a genre. If it’s contemporary, you will enjoy The Foundling Trilogy: Rescue Me, Sacrifice Me, and Remember Me where a billionaire underworld businessman rescues an amnesiac man at sea.

If you love fantasy, The Imposter Prince and The Imposter King tell the story of a double for a prince who must continue in his role after the prince is secretly killed. How can it get worse? He falls for an enemy prince!

Or you might enjoy stories set in present day Earth where the owning of pleasure slaves is legal, in which case you can start with The Slave Palace.

All my books are available in Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading!


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