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ANNOUNCEMENT: Omega Titan, by A.Y. Venona

Omega Titan

QSFer A.Y. Venona has a new MM paranormal-mystery book out:

To save his mate’s life from the unstoppable force that resurfaced from oblivion, Delvin is left with no other choice but to trust a god whose emblem is a snake. But there is another danger Delvin has not foreseen. This one hits so close to home.

Daniel is in training, not because he has an assassin on his ass, but because, for the very first time since attending Alpha Academy, he will be a challenger in a tournament. But there is one challenge Daniel is not prepared for—to give Delvin a happy ending without him in the picture.

Together they must battle against their fate. But one of them must sacrifice himself to give the other a victory. Myths, legends, heroes—all tied together in one greatest mystery of all: Which came first, the Alpha or the Omega?

Omega Titan, Author’s Preferred Edition, is a complete revision of the first edition. This version brings closure to a two-book series Alpha Academy set in the Omega Curse universe.

Alpha Academy Book 2. M/M Paranormal/Thriller Mystery Romance with HEA. 71k words. Warning: A certain tag is deliberately not used here because it is a spoiler.



Excerpt from Chapter 1: Delvin’s POV


Sitting across from Anthony, Delvin opened the beer he was holding and drank from it. It was icy, bitter and perfectly malted. He had to give it to Anthony. His brother knew where to find the best beer in the Seven Realms that even a wine guy like him could appreciate. But his brother was not here in the middle of nowhere, interrupting his respite and braving his wrath, just so they could talk about his choice of beer. He was here because he believed there was something urgent that Delvin needed to know.

The uncertainty made Delvin uneasy; it was only the pitter-patter of Daniel’s movement in the kitchen grounding him. They had taken dinner earlier, and then the ever-accommodating Daniel gave him and Anthony privacy by retreating to the kitchen using the dishes as his excuse.

“What’s this about?”

“Can I finish this one first?” Anthony answered, smirking before he gulped down his drink. When he emptied it, he reached for the second one. “I need this one too,” he said, winking. He opened the lid and then downed the beer in a couple of gulps. “It’s about the attack at your wedding,” Anthony finally said.

Delvin wrinkled his brow. This was a little anti-climactic, and he did not want to waste another breath rehashing a war he already won. He’d already conquered Fort Crimson, Vampires’ main stronghold, six months after his wedding. It was his gift to Daniel and to himself.

“I thought that chapter had already been closed. I got my vengeance. I claimed Fort Crimson. It’s enough.”

“According to my source, the vampire queen only sent fifty vampires to your wedding as payment for a handsome supply of blood.”

“What are you talking about?”

Instead of answering, Anthony grabbed another can and drank it empty. Delvin watched him the way he had watched his prey earlier.

“He was known to give them blood. As to where he got it, no one knew, or at least my source did not know.”

“Who’s he?”

“He came to them when the vampires were dying from famine,” Anthony continued, completely disregarding Delvin’s confusion. “His arrival then was taken as a sign of the vampire’s salvation.”


This got his attention. Delvin stared into his eyes and saw something odd. Fear. His brother rarely showed fear. Anthony usually hid it with humor, never displayed it, even to him.

“He is a deity, a god, Delvin. It’s a god who sent the vampires to attack you and your mate at your wedding.”

Chills rolled in the pit of Delvin’s stomach. Anthony downed another beer. Delvin itched to grab another bottle. “That’s not possible.” 

Excerpt from Chapter 2: Daniel’s POV

The queen’s room looked like a cross between a mini-library and ceramic store. The walls on one side of the room were covered with bookshelves, and the other side had stalls filled with ceramic objects—cups, pots, vases, and others with odd shapes. She offered me a white cushioned chair and a tea. I graciously declined the tea, but she gave me a cup anyway.

“Just take a sip,” she said, her mouth curved into a smile. I took a sip. “So how do you find Wulfscir?”

“I’m still in the period of…adjustment.”

Having only lived here for at least two months intermittently over the course of two years, I still needed time acclimating.

“It’s your way of saying you don’t like it,” she said as she took another sip of her tea. The softness of her voice remained despite the blatant honesty of the message. Perhaps, I had made a grave misinterpretation of the queen’s personality.

“Oh, no it’s a beautiful place with beautiful people, but I grew up in packland and I’m just…overwhelmed.”

She smiled and then grabbed the teapot to refill our cups, which gave me an opportunity to stare at her a little longer. She was dressed in a short gray tunic, but with a long silk outer garment. The whole clothing ensemble looked simple yet still regal. She had delicate bones and pale skin.

“The king is expecting you to get pregnant,” she said. My jaw dropped and almost dropped the cup in my hands. Her voice did not sound sympathetic, but a little ominous.

“I never told the king I can get pregnant?”

She chuckled. “You know he only accepted you because he’s holding on to the myth about the omega.” She then leaned closer to me. “But I know the truth. You know, the one you can’t share?”

My heart dropped into my stomach. I curled my toes up like there were ants crawling under the soles of my feet.

She leaned back and sat straight in her seat, so calm, as though she hadn’t just dropped a brick on my head. “You want more tea?” she asked with a smile. I gulped. She filled up my cup again. “So,” she continued. “I interpreted this fixation of his as him wanting to have a grandchild.” A sad smile crossed her lips. “Don’t worry, I talked to him already and convinced him that your male anatomy is not compatible with Delvin’s male anatomy in terms of procreation. But I assured him that there is still an alternative means of preserving Delvin’s delta gene for posterity. I can genetically engineer a recombination of your genes. The king gave me his consent though, of course, he’s still hoping for a…more natural process. So in your room, you will find two cups labeled with your name and Delvin’s. I want you to fill it with your semen I’ll be needing it in my laboratory tomorrow. ”

“You want me to jerk off into the cup?” I said with my voice shrilling a little.

“I believe you and Delvin can make the process less tedious and more enjoyable.”

I felt a blush creep up to my

Author Bio

Author’s Bio: A.Y. Venona has an MA in Literature and M.Ed. with a VA teaching license endorsement  in both English and Science. She lives in Virginia with her husband who now possesses deep understanding of alpha and omega universe.


Alpha Academy Book One

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