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ANNOUNCEMENT: On the Eve of Forever – Kayleigh Sky

On the Eve of Forever - Kayleigh Sky

QSFer Kayleigh Sky has a new MM dystopian sci fi romance out: “On the Eve of Forever.”

Brey would rate himself least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. Yet here he is. True, it was a viral apocalypse not zombies, but still…

Gone from spoiled rich kid to convict in sixty seconds flat. Stuck in prison with his family three thousand miles away.

But not for long.

Soon everyone is on the run from the virus. When guards set the convicts loose, Brey vows to reunite with his family no matter what it takes. So what if he sucks at keeping promises? He’s damned if he’s breaking this one.

Getting home is his only goal. Too bad there’s somebody who won’t make that easy for him…

Hank is a cop. He enforces the law. Even the toxic ones.

Waterfall, a small city that made it through the apocalypse, survives on the sale of human beings. Nobody’s getting in the way of Hank’s plans to stop them.

Nobody but the rich kid he once arrested for murder. Now the guy’s up for sale, and Hank’s plans go south in a hurry. On the spot to make a quick decision, he buys him.

What else can he do?…

Dark with snark and crazy romantic. Want to tag along with Brey and Hank while they figure out how to reconcile the irreconcilable? For heart-stopping drama, heart-breaking scenes, swoon-worthy love, and a happy-ever-after to last a lifetime, read now or buy On the Eve of Forever and enjoy!

NOTE: On the Eve of Forever was previously published as Backbone by Pride Publishing. It has been rewritten and expanded by approximately 25,000 words.

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Somebody was chained up in Thom’s garage.

Definitely a guy, not a thing, though Hank wasn’t close enough yet to get a good look. Three others were laughing and lounging around the outside of the auto bay. Hank might have come to some other conclusion about what was going on down there, except this was Thom, former insurance salesman turned sex trafficker.

He was back in the area a week earlier than Hank expected, probably to unload his surprise merchandise.


Hank gripped his pommel and swept his gaze around the countryside while Trixie cropped the weeds under her nose.


Though it was perfectly legit for him to circle the garage. It wasn’t as if there was anything he could do. To Thom and everyone else in Waterfall, retainees were legal. Hank had nothing to say about it, but that didn’t mean he was letting it go. He planned on stopping it somehow, which was why he spent so much time at Younger’s encampment, trying to figure out a way to save their reservoir before it dried up. Though Waterfall owned the canals and spillway, Younger’s group controlled the dam. Hank had come up with a plan to divert a river about fifty miles away and included a contract of release for every retainee who worked on the project. The downside was getting both Younger and Waterfall to cooperate on the terms.

Getting into it with Thom and his crew over one person? It wasn’t a good idea.

So Hank sat on Trixie’s back, taking in the sparse woods and dry hills. The air stung with dust, long stripped of the piney scent of the mountains he’d ridden out of. Over the treeline, rocky peaks sheared the hard blue sky.

He sighed as Trixie shifted and patted her neck.

“What about it, girl? Should we chance it?”

They were probably in the middle of raping the guy. He gritted his teeth, the thought burning through his head, once again torn by the weird relief he didn’t have to worry about Beth and the girls. They were dead. Nothing could hurt them now. He couldn’t fail them worse than he already had. But this time?

He used to arrest assholes like Thom. He used to break up fights and put bad actors away. He’d been one of those cops who’d known the people he’d served. He’d called the derelict who rummaged in the alleyway behind the Thai Palace by name. He’d dodged a portable TV a tweaker named Brittany had tried to drop on his head from a fifth-floor window. He’d taken complaints and made reports. He’d hauled in pimps, and drug dealers, and drunk and disorderlies. He’d gone after bad guys.

But now…

People like Thom, the friendly salesman, who bounced and wobbled in the too hot sun, made the rules, and Hank was the cop who broke up squabbles and let everything else go.

Laughter floated in the air.

He squinted at the garage again. You can’t do anything. Except interrupt them. Stare them in their fucking eyes. Dare you to tell me this is okay. Though they would. The world was different since Eve had laid waste to it. Littered with the dead and the weak and the… scared.

He took a breath and nudged Trixie down the hillside.

Author Bio

No matter what the struggle is from book to book, love always wins out. I’m strong on plot, strong on character, stronger on love. You can count on happily ever after from me every time. I write my stories to open hearts and uplift spirits. Love matters. It counts. And it’s for everyone.


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