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ANNOUNCEMENT: Renewed Faith, by Michael Mandrake

QSFer Michael Mandrake has a new MM paranormal book out: Renewed Faith.

While Mateo quarrels with his inner demons, Lance battles his conscience.

Mateo’s has found his fated mate and to make their family complete, he longs for a baby. Despite the bliss, dark memories have come back to haunt him. These horrific reminders could hamper their attempt at creating a new life. 

After taking a needed leave of absence to care of his omega, Father Lance worries that he won’t be able to continue his work at Holy Father and be the alpha Mateo needs. 

Will Mateo overcome his nightmares and be able to carry their child? Can Lance find the zeal he once had to continue his life’s work?

Together, they must search for the answers to restore their faith in their commitment and each other. 

Renewed Faith is book 10 in the second season of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. It is the continuation of Mateo and Lance’s book, Breakable Faith. 

This story is an omegaverse with the possibility of male pregnancy. Hot sex and romance are included along with sweetness. Might need your rosary and holy water for this one!

Warning: Flashbacks detailing a violent attack and potential rape. 

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The first part of the Valentine’s Day scene…

After about three hours, I’d done all the shopping I could. My back and feet ached, meaning it was time to leave. I’d ordered a car to take mi madrehome and then me. Thankfully, I was there within about an hour. 

On the way, I’d called Lance. With no place to go, our Valentine’s celebration could run into the rest of the week if we liked. 

Lance said he had plenty of surprises in store. Honestly, I was fully okay  just a meal, then laying in front of the television, but I didn’t want to disappoint him.  

“Babe?” I placed my bags on the floor and leaned against the door. I inhaled the scent of something seasoned and saucy, but I wasn’t sure what.

“Hi, honey.” Lance walked up with a big smile on his face. After he took my hand and pulled me in, he pressed his lips atop mine. 

I’d never get tired of the way my alpha greeted me.

“Mhmm.” Enjoying the embrace, I wrapped both arms around his neck and tickled his nape. Between kisses, I sucked on the tip of his tongue. “Missed you.”

“I missed you too. Are you hungry?”

“I am, but I can wait. Smells heavenly though.”

Lance grinned, still holding on to me. “I made carne asada. Jeanette gave me a recipe.”

“Oh, look at you! Chef extraordinaire,” I chuckled. “I love that dish.”

“It smells great, right? I’ve been going in and out of the bedroom to make sure I don’t forget about it.”

“Why? Is there something in there I should see?” I rose on my tippy toes and looked over his shoulder.

“You will.” Lance kissed my head. “Afterwe eat. I don’t want to get distracted so much we forget about the food.”

“Oh, yeah? Now I really wanna know.” I grinned from ear to ear. 

“Good. Let’s go into the living room then.” Lance shifted on his heel and guided me. To make space, he’d moved everything around, putting the table in the window’s pathway for the moon to shine through. Two candles sat in the middle, along with a small bouquet of flowers. A perfect setup for us to enjoy our meal. 

I gasped and placed my hand on my chest. Although I might’ve sounded surprised, I didn’t expect anything less from my alpha. “Oh, Lance. This is so romantic.” 

“I knew you’d like it.” Lance pulled out the chair and urged me to sit. When I did, he caressed my shoulders and leaned in, kissing the side of my head. “This is only the beginning, love. I got plenty more great things in store for us tonight.”

“Would a strip show starring you be one of them?”

Lance chuckled. “No, but I believe I’ve got something just as good. I’ll be back.” 

As I watched my alpha leave, I looked down at the red table cloth and toyed with the silverware. 

What else could he have done, other than this candlelight dinner with soft music playing? 

Suddenly my being tired had completely disappeared. Now, I was curious to know what more mi Padrehad done to please me.

Author Bio

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Through these, he builds worlds not centered on romance but rather the mainstream and/or obscure  plots we might encounter in everyday life and beyond.


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