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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Ridden Through Fate, by W.M. Kirkland

Ridden Through Fate, by W.M. Kirkland

QSFer W.M. Kirkland has a new MM time travel book out:

When Janus brings Marcus from the heart of a fierce battle through time, he accepts it in stride. After all, the gods are known to be as fickle as the men who created them, and if his fellow soldier Cai found a purpose in this new age, then so would he.

Devon had a bit of a reputation for changing his lovers more often than some people changed their underwear. Yet, when Marcus rides through time into their practice field, he finds himself drawn to the sexy Roman warrior. He might not believe in gods or fate, but he knows a good thing when he finds it, and Marcus…well, he’s scorching hot sex dressed in really authentic Roman gear. A few nights with his Roman and he might just start believing in fate, too.

Romans Through Time Book 2

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Mary will give away a copy of the first book in the series, Ridden Through Time – for a chance to win, comment on this post.


The bright light startled Marcus, so sudden it made Ferox rear. Marcus leaned forward, shifting his weight to stay on board as Ferox’s front hooves dropped to the ground and he gave a half-buck before cantering away. Marcus turned the great black gelding, not away from the battle as Ferox had intended, but toward it, or more specifically toward the log his friend Cai had jumped on his way to engage the enemy. Damn these Gauls. They refused to accept the yoke of Roman leadership, which meant good men like he and Cai Antony were members of the first regiment under Commander Owen Cesius. They’d been sent here, the best and fiercest warriors, to subdue these Gauls for good.

Only then did he realize his friend Cai, and his big horse, Damos, were gone. He’d seen them jump the log to come to Owen’s aid. Their commander fought two of the fiends, holding his own, but clearly in need of assistance. The others in their company were elsewhere engaged. It was up to him. Turning Ferox, he urged the big horse to a gallop. A cry to Ares sprung to his lips and he held it back. He wouldn’t yell like the heathens they fought. The first regiment consisted of civilized men, not savages.

He tugged on the reins to go around the log; the battle had shifted enough so he wouldn’t need to jump. A thunk, surprisingly loud as if Ferox’s hoof had hit the log, filled the air, followed quickly by a flash of light. “Merde!” Marcus yelled. He saw his captain’s head turn, saw the sword raised as if to cleave him in two. White light surrounded him. When it faded, it took the image of Owen and the battle with it, for he looked out over a pristine green field with hardly a tree in sight.

Is this what happened to Cai? Ferox snorted, and he leaned forward to soothe his mount. He stroked the muscular neck, feeling sweat slicken the horse’s coat. The horse snorted again, then lowered his head to crop at the low grass. Marcus let him. With no signs of war, he saw no reason to dismount and let his horse rest for a moment. He swung down and reached for the girth, then decided not to unfasten the saddle. As much as he might want to give his horse a rest, if the enemy reappeared, he needed to get back in the saddle at a moment’s notice.

Marcus expelled a harsh breath and leaned against his horse. The white light—Cai’s disappearance—now his? What had happened? “Merde!” He swore again, completely at a loss as to what had happened. Even the air smelled different here. The stillness, broken by an occasional bird song or a roar of some great beast overhead, startled him. He glanced up to see some strange object shoot across the sky. Where was he?

Hoof beats he understood. Not just one horse, but three of them, and he quickly mounted and shortened the reins, ready to send Ferox charging into battle. He turned toward the sound, sitting tall in the saddle. The riders crested their hill, their clothing and gear like nothing he’d ever seen before. He saw no weapons, but that didn’t mean they weren’t armed. His hand went to the hilt of his spatha, prepared to draw at the first sign of any threat.

The rider closest to him looked familiar, but it couldn’t be. He wore the same odd clothes, but he’d recognize the form of Damos anywhere. “Cai?” he urged his horse forward. “Is that you?”

“Marcus? By Jupiter’s cock, did you make it through as well?” He grinned and urged Damos to a gallop, riding at Ferox in full charge.

Marcus grinned and held his ground. Keeping Ferox between his hands and thighs, he steadied the horse and let Damos race past him, then turn and come back.

“Only one of Owen’s men could sit through that. Everyone else would shit themselves.” Cai pulled Damos to a halt. “It is good to see you.”

“Good to see you too. What happened? Where are we? Why are you dressed like that?”

Cai laughed. “Janus opened one of his doorways and pulled a trick on us. Why don’t you come back and I’ll explain everything.”

Marcus nodded. “All right. Who are your companions?”

Cai gestured to the man riding up behind him. “This is Adrian. He’s the one who found me.” The two men shared a look, and Marcus realized that they’d found something else, too. He didn’t begrudge his friend. One learned to find love when possible during war. The other man sat on a big grey gelding, his black leather gloves matching the same sheen as his knee-high boots. He wore tight dove gray trousers, and a shirt of the same color with soft red stripes along the arms. He wore some kind of helmet, low to his head and without any plumes. What rank was he? Was he an officer of some sort?

“I’m Devon,” the man said. “I’m a friend of Adrian’s. Nice to meet you.” The warmth in his blue eyes did something to Marcus’ stomach, because it flipped a couple of times. He chalked it up to whatever had just happened to him, something he hoped Cai would explain. He nodded in Devon’s direction.

Author Bio

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…oh wait, that’s a different saga. W.M. Kirkland began writing over twenty years ago, and all the stories, no matter the genre, featured handsome men. Although these men keep W.M. at the computer most of the day, there’s still time for enjoying the outdoors, great movies, and a good time.

W.M. Kirkland is the pen name of prolific erotic romance author Mary Winter, and as such, you can learn about W.M. and Mary’s other pen names at

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  1. Since I studied classics in college, I enjoy time travel stories involving that era. Also, I’ve visited Italy and seen many of the important Roman ruins.


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