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Announcement: Shadow Flare, by Kim Gryphon

Shadow FlareQSFer Kim Gryphon has a new sci fi book out:

Estel must leave her homeworld behind as she embarks on a transgalactic trip to the Shadow World, where she seeks to unite with her shadow spirit. Joined by her childhood friend, the Wolf, and aided by the ghost of her Grandmother, she tunnels into the unknown. Quickly, she realizes that this new realm reeks of danger and mystery..

A terrible Machine operates with impunity on an interdimensional scale, snatching up the spirit energy of corporeal beings for its profit imperative in a nefarious commodification process. Afterward, all that remains of these lost beings are their devitalized shadow spirits. When the Shadow World transforms the Wolf into the human called Brian, Estel realizes that he in fact shares a secret with the operations of the Machine.

Luckily, she encounters Breeze the shadowcat in the nick of time, and this valuable ally introduces her to the transgalactic Resistance movement of rogue shadow spirits. Even with the ethereal assistance of her Grandmother’s ghost, can Estel uncover the truth of her shadow spirit and incite the downfall of the Machine State before more violent commodifications occur?


Each time, Estel’s ribcage fluttered when Breeze called her ‘sweet.’ Adrenaline rushed, and her nervous system shot off fireworks. She flew with joy through the sky while Breeze navigated them through another interdimensional another channel, leading to another
planetary target. The machines reeked of nefarious destruction, an odor rendering them obvious and easy to locate by Breeze’s shadowcat senses.

The hours passed like weeks and each act changed Estel, inching toward a restoration of her fighting spirit. By impeding the operations of each machine, they bought more time for individual spirits to evade capture across galaxies.

They didn’t end the reign of the Machine, nor could they possibly slow the tide of spirits usurped and disconnected from corporeal form by commodification. Still, their little efforts made difference enough for the few who would have been sucked up and brutalized that day, or perhaps the next. Realistically, each lesser machine they bashed up would likely be repaired with relative expedience.

Of course, the more they hit, the longer such work would take, and the two proved perfect partners in crime. After targeting a baker’s dozen, Breeze called it a night, pointing out, “We’ve done all we can do for the moment. Folks in many galaxies can rest easier, as will we.”

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Author Bio

Kim Gryphon believes that magic is equal parts love and revolution. She works to live each day with the necessary patience to practice such becomings. Shadow Flare was written as prayer, calling out to all the maybes and what-ifs for magical potential floating about the universe.

She wrote the first draft of this novel on a bicycle trip, traveling 400 miles down the Pacific Coast of California and camping all along the way. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico but grew up in the Boston area. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics and a master’s in American Studies but is happy to spend her days as a grocer and middle school math tutor.

Kim loves her family, friends, and community to the spiraling infinity dancing though all aspects of the universe. She is endlessly humbled by the unyielding compassion and every unique contribution that these amazing folks bring to her life. Also, she thanks you for taking the time to read this work.

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