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Announcement: Short Fuse, by Brent D. Seth

Short FuseQSFer Brent D. Seth has a new sci fi book out:

The galaxy teeters on the brink of war. Two great Empires have marshaled their forces; they stand poised, waiting for the right opportunity to strike first. The only thing in their way is a grocery clerk, a cop, and a small house cat…

Overweight and over-the-hill, Jason Miller was on the road to nowhere. With a minimum wage job and only hiss cat, Leo, for companionship, bad goes to worse when Jason rear-ends a police car containing one very angry cop. Car totaled and about to receive a ticket that will cost a month’s salary, Jason gets a lucky break when a brightly lit Christmas tree drops from the sky. At least it looked like a Christmas tree…

Waking up in a strange place, Jason finds his body is now twenty years younger, his cat is more intelligent than most people he knows, and that cop, in his own newly enhanced body, is still very angry. Jason and his companions soon discover they’re to be used as expendable conscripts in an interstellar war. With his new body and mind force-fed with advanced knowledge, Jason and the others must elude hostile aliens, win a galactic war, same some new-found alien allies before they’re all blown to bits. The fuse has been lit, and time is running out!


“Interface,” I thought, repeating the word over and over again in my mind, as if it were some kind of magic password. Perhaps it was like hearing or breathing—I don’t know how or what it takes to happen, it just does. Maybe this is no different; you just do it.

At once, I swept into the most visceral experience of my life. In one infinitesimal moment, my consciousness leapt from its biological framework and into the vessel. I felt the mass of my body expand hundreds of times with many new limbs and new organs. I could feel my new arms and legs extending into the unrestricted vacuum of space. The engines throbbed in my chest and energy surged through my conduits and circuits.

My eyes became legion, binocular vision became universal vision and I could see in every direction on every wavelength. I could see radio waves flooding the ether from every star in the galaxy. I could see gamma rays, plasma jets and tachyon streams, all as clear and bright as petals on a rose. The sensation was euphoric; it seemed natural, liberating, as though this was the sole purpose of my existence.

The feeling of bliss was short lived. The K’Nostron mother ship had begun to fire. I could see the powerful discharges in multi-spectral analysis, and feel the blasts as they slammed against my skin.
There was damage instantly, but I was able to reject those injured systems and will others to take their place. The K’Nostrons were not trying to destroy us. They could have done so as easily as a man swats a fly. Their goal was simply to halt our escape. Suddenly, my fists were slamming into the void. My body was fighting back, but how? I concentrated more intently and went deeper. I found Tony inside me—that is to say, his mind occupied the ship as well. We now shared control of the same structure; our minds separate, yet touching, both of us striving to take god-like control over our new physical form.

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Author Bio

Brent D. Seth has been writing science fiction and comedy short stories for many years, and finally blended them together in Short Fuse. It was only with the encouragement of his husband, did Mr. Seth finally take the chance to seek publication. Short Fuse is his first novel and sequel is in the works. Mr. Seth resides in Michigan where he divides his time between writing, woodworking, expanding his garden, and taking care of several spoiled cats.

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