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ANNOUNCEMENT: Skin-Deep Attraction – Harper Jewel

Skin-Deep Attraction - Harper Jewel

QSFer Harper Jewel has a new MM Sci Fi book out: “Skin-Deep Attraction.”

Can a Plumarian reach deep inside himself to find a way to make the first move toward peace with the hostile Jadelings?

Nayix Lexion, Prince of Plumaria, finds himself dragged back to reality by his father and little sister after enduring an unexpected heartbreak and wallowing in isolation.

At the prospect of a possible rescue and saving Plumaria’s failing environment, he reluctantly agrees to journey to Earth. When several snafus get in his way, together with having his conscience tugged in two different directions, will he find the strength needed to survive? 

Will a Jadeling find a way to steer through the long-standing hatred for the Plumarians infused in him by his father?

Veldroi Ruvax, son of the Jadeling Elite Leader, gets thrown into his first mission to Earth. Doing his best to overcome his lack of education and training, he’s unprepared for the glitches hurled at him from all sides.

Faced with memory loss and haunting images, he can’t determine whether truth or fiction, will he be able to escape the foreboding dread he might at any moment become something evil? Or can he believe the words of his beguiling rescuer?

Can a Plumarian and a Jadeling find a way past their differences and see what lies beneath their “skins?” Will they be able to work together to bring a murderer to justice and establish peace between their races while navigating their way through their skin-deep attraction?

Warning: murder.

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Veldroi awoke on the morning of his tenth cycle-day celebration. His father had promised to take him to Earth for the first time on this special day when the community would no longer consider him a juvenile and welcome him into Jadeling adulthood.

His excitement more than he could contain, he jumped from his bed in his room and sprinted to the Command Center and his father’s office. “Father…” Veldroi stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed his father’s frown and two empty bottles of Jadeling ale next to a half-full one. Zeehl had been drinking; something he’d never seen his father do. But why? “What’s wrong?”

Zeehl pounded his desk, made from the sturdy trunks of the Tong Tree, and it cracked beneath the blow. “What’s wrong? I’ll tell you! Those damned Plumarians have murdered your mother, my HeartMate, and your beautiful sister.”

“Father, what are you saying? I don’t understand. Where are mother and Serra?”

Zeehl mumbled something incoherent and took another gulp of the ale before answering. “I’m ashamed to admit I ran when I found them.”

“Ran from where?”

“Serra arrived late last night from her latest mission. When she didn’t check in with me, I went searching for her on the airdock. I found her, but it was too late. Her body, along with Allora’s, lay dead, a laser blast from a JL34, still in the hands of a cursed Plumarian, had pierced both their chests.”

“What? Why didn’t you sound the alarm?”

“Because I took care of the bastard like the animal he was, that’s why. I put my JL34 into disintegration mode and let him have it.”

Veldroi’s heart stopped. Grief and hatred like none he’d felt before overwhelmed him. “How did a Plumarian end up on Serra’s ship?”

“Isn’t it clear? He must have stowed away and planned to infiltrate our Command Center.”

“Sorry, my anguish has clouded my head. Where are the bodies of mother and Serra now?”

Zeehl took another gulp of ale, then replied, “Norveen took care of cleaning the spy’s peach blood splatters. But I haven’t been able to go back and see to your mother’s and sister’s bodies. I… I can’t. Vel, please do this for me and make the proper arrangements.” His father took a deep breath, and his demeanor changed when he did. The frown deepened and became a glower of hatred at the same time his scales turned such a dark green they almost resembled a black hole. An unknown force had appeared to switch off each of his emotions but one.

“I will, Father, right away.” Veldroi, his heart heavy, his anger besting him, turned to leave and follow his parent’s request.

“Elite Leader, Veldroi. Do not forget to address me properly. I am your Elite Leader.”

Besides the sadness and rage already filling him, a deep-seated coldness directed at him by his father now permeated Veldroi. Without a doubt, the horrid discovery had done some awful things to Zeehl.

Veldroi left the Command Center and went to the airdock. No matter how hard he tried to prepare himself for what he was about to see, he could never be ready. The pooled garnet and fuchsia blood seeping from his mother’s and sister’s bodies made him want to vomit. The sight of his deceased family left him dizzy and only made him more nauseous. Why? Why would a Plumarian sneak aboard Norveen and kill two Jadelings? The Plumarians had done nothing violent toward his people before. What caused this to happen? He would check with Norveen and view her logs once he took care of the arrangements for his family.

Author Bio

Harper Jewel, a loyal LGBTQ+ ally and proud Mama Bear to her college-age daughter, lives in northeast New Jersey with her husband. She has four cats, enjoys reading, and taking trips to Walt Disney World. With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she can create believable and memorable plots and characters.

Although she began writing male/female Romance/erotica, she has found her niche in Gay Romance. She enjoys every one of her male characters when they speak to her with loud voices while proving love is love. She is proud to have the honor of being the first M/M author accepted at the now-closed Lush Publishing.

Visit to find out more.

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