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Announcement: Sky Children, by A.M. Daily

sky-childrenQSFer A.M. Daily has a new sci fi book out:

The Earth is dying. News of the systematic extermination of the Ezri, Mechi, and humankind alike has spread to the five sister planets, and has followed Caden and his traveling companions halfway across the galaxy to Aurora. Led by the mysterious shared dreams of the Ezri, Caden’s search for Lacuna, the abandoned world of his people, continues.

As Caden struggles to adapt to his newfound freedom and to the inevitable awakening of his Ezri mind, he must rely on Mikas’ quick-thinking and Senka’s ancient knowledge to guide their desperate quest. When Caden and Senka manage to secure a ship and an adventurous pilot willing to transport fugitives from Aurora to the outer reaches of space, Lacuna seems closer than ever.

But when old ghosts and past mistakes return with a vengeance to haunt the present, bonds of friendship and love will be tested and stretched across space and time itself.

Lacuna Chronicles Book 2


The screaming was a piercing echo. A terror-filled sound that resonated through the burnt and dying city, through his very bones. Shadows flickered through the ash-ridden streets like fleeting memories, in flashes too quick to be seen… but he knew those shadows. They were a part of him, beneath his skin, they were the blood that ran through his veins. He called out to them, but overwhelming sorrow was the only answer he received. There was no comfort to be found here in this shell of a city, not with his sisters and brothers suffering, dying around him. He pressed the palm of his hand to the crumbling wall of a building and felt the faint warmth it emitted. He pulled the warmth into himself and with it, the agonizing pain of the dead. His knees gave out as the pain washed through his body in pulsing waves and he dropped to the ground. His fingers dug into the ash beneath his knees, his curling fingers leaving impressions behind in ash, the remnants of his people. He let his head fall back, and he spread the ashes over his face and neck in mourning as he stared up into the hopelessly empty sky.

Senka opened his eyes, blinking carefully as he pulled himself from the dream. He lay motionless, listening to his own breath as he stared up at the blank white ceiling above him. When he reached up to pull the covering from the small sky window above his head aside, the endless darkness of deep space greeted him.

Amaris had been quiet since he’d left, perhaps unable to reach out over such great distance, or perhaps her fiery anger still had not cooled. Senka had been attempting to seek his sister out in the dreams when he slept, but she remained hidden, and when he reached out to her, only the dead fell through his grasping fingers.

“Were you dreaming?” a quiet voice floated across the small space of the sleeping quarters and he looked away from the window to find Caden sitting on the floor by the door, his arms wrapped around his knees tightly. Senka smiled at the not unwanted intrusion. Caden was growing more adept at shielding his thoughts, at masking his presence, and it seemed his favorite thing to do was to catch Senka unawares whenever he had the chance. Caden was a fast learner, but then, the blood of the Ezri ran through his veins. Caden, like all Ezri, had lived many times before, in many bodies, on many worlds. His soul was Ezri; and the knowledge of their people was ingrained into him more deeply than he would ever know.

Senka was quiet as Caden stood and then climbed the rungs to Senka’s bunk, situating himself at the end of the bed.

Why aren’t you sleeping? Senka sent the thought out gently and Caden shrugged, tilting his face towards the window above them. He could feel Caden’s restlessness, a nervous energy radiating outward from his slight form that caused an anxiousness in Senka in turn. Caden had yet to learn to control the way in which he interpreted his dreams. He still let the terror overcome him, allowing himself to be controlled by the fear and sadness of the others. Senka had found him many times in the wasteland of the future, lost and fearful, but there was not always a way to reach him through the chaotic haze of his own thoughts, and just as many times, Senka had been forced to leave Caden to his own suffering.

“When I’m close to you, the dreams disappear,” Caden whispered, his fingers tracing the cold glass of the window above them, “I feel like I can breathe again.”

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Author Bio

A.M. Daily is a LGBT writer who lives with her human partner and her feline partner in beautiful Arizona.
She writes queer fiction within a variety of genres including (but not limited to); contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and science fiction.


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