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Announcement: Syndicandi, by Joanna Krotka and Roberto Iolini

SyncandiJoanna Krotka and Roberto Iolini have a new FF science fiction romance adventure project out:


Studio Syncandi Kyoto proudly presents SYNCANDI – a new science fiction romance adventure story told through comics, songs, videos and more!

Sync is an elite military assassin infected by a viral weapon. Sync’s body is mostly synthetic – only her heart and brain are original. She’d rather die than have the state corporation which owns her body turn her into a fully synthetic immortal killer. She decides to exile herself to an abandoned experimental zone codenamed Genies Res, a wilderness area with an entirely human-made ecology. Although off-limits and considered dangerous, Sync figures she’ll be safe in Genies Res.

She needs a carer and so steals Ikkyu, a synthetic human paramedic from a production facility. Pushed for time, Sync doesn’t realise that Ikkyu is not fully processed and therefore psychologically vulnerable. After moving into their new home, they settle into a routine of quiet domesticity.

As time passes their relationship slowly changes. Ikkyu begins to develop self-awareness, while the dying Sync finds herself becoming emotionally attached to Ikkyu. The situation changes radically when Ikkyu takes it upon herself to save Sync from her illness and ventures out alone into the wilderness to find a cure. This is just the beginning of Ikkyu’s quest – she will encounter many mysterious characters and undergo a profound transformation…

One storyworld – Many stories – Many forms – Many channels

The SYNCANDI story will unfold gradually and in many forms. Comics, posters, videos, songs, music and merchandise are being created by a team of exceptionally talented Japanese and international artists.

All our content is currently in English and Japanese.

Beginning on 26th July 2016, and then on the FIRST MONDAY of each MONTH we publish a FULL COLOUR DIGITAL COMIC plus a HARD COPY A2 SIZE POSTER.

Each month we digitally publish:

The most recent entry in Ikkyu’s Journal, which helps you to understand and connect with Ikkyu’s emotional and psychological development as she comes to terms with her new life and experiences.

A short video created with a montage of images from the current comic issue, plus original music specifically composed for SYNCANDI, featuring SYNCANDI’s very own own virtual singer Ikkyu.

A selection of works in progress from our team of artists.

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SYNCANDI Comic 01-P11-Sample

SYNCANDI Comic 01-P16-Sample

Author Bio

Joanna Krótka

Joanna is an illustrator based in Kraków, Poland. She received her MFA in Graphic Arts in 2010. She works mainly in the fields of illustration and comics. Other times she’s busy fangirling. More information about Joanna can be found at /em>

Roberto Iolini

Roberto is a prolific media artist, filmmaker, composer and producer. His creative experience incorporates eighteen years of producing innovative and meaningful time-based media works that are stylistically diverse, and united by a philosophical approach. Robert makes work about humans and how we behave in contemporary cultural environments. His artworks embrace music, cinema, poetry, anthropology, video art, sound art and documentary.

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