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ANNOUNCEMENT: Talos: Bloodlines of Fate Book One – A. G. Carothers

Talos: Bloodlines Of Fate Book One - A. G. Carothers

QSFer A. G. Carothers has a new MM paranormal (gay/poly) book out: “Talos: Bloodlines of Fate Book One.”

The Age of Man has passed, and a new age is upon the Earth. An age of magic and technology ruled by the supernatural beings that once hid amongst humanity has begun.

Talos – Vampyr King, Supernatural Council Member, and Despiser of Humans. Fate has a surprise up their sleeve for him.

Bayne – Raised by the human resistance, Would-be Assassin, and Despiser of Supernatural Beings. He’s ready to sacrifice himself to kill his enemy.

Bayne is thrust into a world he thinks he knows but quickly discovers his whole life has been built on lies. Talos, perfectly happy ruling his corner of the world, is faced with an unexpected and unwelcome change that comes with the mate chosen by Fate. Together they must discover how to live and, in the end, love one another. But will Fate have more in store for them than just learning to love the species they hate?

Bloodlines of Fate is a new urban fantasy series set in a world destroyed by humans and resurrected by supernatural beings. Fate has many plans for the vampires, fae, unicorns, therianthropes, and humans of this new world. While their mates may be fated, love isn’t that easy.

This book contains depictions of gladiatorial combat, snarky fem twinks who will cut you, kings in stilettos, and awkward heats with a pinch of daddy kink. 

Talos is part one of a two part story arch. It does end in an HFN with a HEA tied into the second part. This is a type of omegaverse with mpreg.

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The long elevator ride stopped and the doors opened onto a scene the likes of which Bayne had no basis for and he could not have imagined it even if he had tried.

Light yet lively music came from the center of the large rectangular room. In a single file, they walked along a path that wove around the room like a rectangle within a rectangle with people and seating on either side. As they neared the middle, Bayne could see more clearly where the music was coming from. A man, no a vamp, who glanced up flashing the unforgettable cobalt eyes at him, played something that looked like a small piano, but didn’t sound like one. The tune while upbeat added to the bizarreness of the scene.

The room was full of the bloodsuckers. They lounged, fucked, fed. Some had humans or vamps tied to crosses and were…torturing them? Bayne thought he heard moans of pleasure and not pain or both through the undercurrent of sounds that accompanied the light sharp sounds of the music.

At the front of the room was a dais with two thrones, one larger than the other. As they got closer, Bayne could finally see it more clearly. The giant one sat in the smaller one and the king sat in the large one. The scene had Bayne cracking a smile which he schooled as they rounded the corner and filed in front of the king.

Bayne dared to look directly at him. He looked like a child or well an early teen, but whoever turned him liked them young. Despite his young appearance he had a presence about him that Bayne had no words for. It was strong, powerful like just a look from him would crush you.

“DIE, YOU FILTHY LEECH!” One of the men to his right burst from the line as they settled shoulder to shoulder in front of the king. Before the man finished his lunge forward to start his presumed charge to the king who was still a good fifteen feet away, a large black horn pierced his chest and the loud clop of hooves hit the marble. Bayne followed the point of the bloody horn to the now reared up horse?

It reared up with the man still impaled on his horn. The rather large balls that dangled down at the base of the sheathed cock proved that the horse like creature was indeed male. The room went silent like they were all collectively holding their breath, waiting to see what would happen next. He landed again on the floor heavily enough that cracks formed. The sound echoed like sharp claps of thunder.

The man slid off the lowered horn and the black horse stomped on the body and shook his mane flinging blood everywhere. Some splattered across Bayne’s chest. Violet eyes pierced Bayne as surely as the horn pierced the man as the large head swung his way. Fear spiked through Bayne. The acrid scent of piss filled the air and the horned head moved down the line to its source, the hooves silent now when they hit the floor.

Bayne got an up-close look at the deep black body as it passed. His tail flicked and several stings of pain crossed Bayne’s face. He was a tall beast and so dark that light was lost to him. The hooves were of the same color as the horn, shiny and pearlescent. Bayne followed his movement unable to take his eyes from the beast. He stood in front of the trembling man and lowered his horn till it rest against the hollow of the man’s throat.

“Plea…” The horn silenced the man as it pierced his throat with a single thrust of his head. Blood gurgled out of the man’s mouth. The beast stepped back, ridding himself of the unwanted ornament and the man collapsed in a pool of blood.

Bayne shifted his gaze to the king curiously. Bayne jumped a little to find the king’s eyes on him. Someone crossed between them breaking their stare. That someone took a spot next to the king’s throne with his hands behind his back and violet eyes glowed with power. A shadow detached itself from the wall and a xolo larger than any Bayne had seen before followed by another smaller one dragged the bodies off. The sounds of teeth tearing into flesh soon filled the air.

The music started again and with it the vampires resumed their activities. The vampire that led them there bowed. “Your Majesty.” He went behind them and pushed them to their knees one by one. Bayne went down right before he got to him hoping to save his knees from the punishment the others got from the force at which they were pushed down. Bayne, however, did not take his eyes from the king.

The king uncrossed his legs and rose. With confident strides through the blood he approached them. He stopped briefly before each man until he got to Bayne. Bayne continued to look directly at him and he raised an eyebrow.

This close and Bayne’s heart raced. His resolve to get his revenge firm, like a snake ready to strike, Bayne kept still. The king took a firm hold of Bayne’s chin and tilted his head. Yes, that’s it, you fucker. Bite me!

The king lowered his head never once diverting his gaze from Bayne’s. He opened his mouth, fangs slowly dropped down. His tongue came out and in a slow wide lick, the king wiped off the blood that had landed on Bayne’s cheek. The king snorted and with a quirk of his lips straightened.

“Yes. You’ll do just fine.” With a flick of his wrist the king turned and walked away.

Hands grabbed his arms and raised him to his feet. When they didn’t let him go, he started to struggle. “Wait. Where are you taking me?” They dragged him off towards a door on the side wall.

Author Bio

A. G. Carothers is actually a dragon very cleverly disguised as a human. They are a non-binary author of LGBTQIA Romance and Urban Fantasy, who enjoys writing original and entertaining stories. They are very excited to share the worlds they’ve created with you.

A.G. currently lives in Tennessee with their platonic life partner, who is not a dragon. They yearn to live back in Europe and will some day. In their spare time they are addicted to losing themselves in the lovely worlds created by other authors

A.G. is committed to writing the stories they see in their head without restrictions. Love is blind and doesn’t see gender, race, or sexuality.

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