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Announcement: The Caverns of Mars, by D.B. Drew

QSFer D.B. Drew has a new lesbian sci fi The Caverns of Mars out:

In 2082, an elite group of scientists race to secure the future of humanity with alien technology left from the distant past, buried deep in THE CAVERNS OF MARS…

Martina “Marty” Barbotti jumps at the opportunity to travel to the Mars base to secure the network and data systems on a secret project spearheaded by her longtime friend. It’s quickly apparent that Marty and the small group of gifted scientists have their hands full deciphering technology far superior to their own. Technology that’s alien in origin and at least a billion years old.

At 22, Dr. Mia Bierbrauer may be the youngest engineer on the team, but with two doctorates to her name she more than holds her own with the other, more experienced scientists. But to her surprise, it’s not just the advanced alien tech holding her interest. After spending the majority of her life isolated in the world of academia, the shy and inexperienced Mia finds herself drawn to Marty, the self-assured and confident cyber-specialist.

The group works tirelessly to reverse engineer and adapt the alien technology. The scientific possibilities for the new tech are limitless, but so too are the financial ones. Large global conglomerates, less concerned with ethics and more concerned with the bottom line, will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

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New York 2082

Marty walked out of the cantina and into the elegant lobby of the swanky Manhattan hotel. The furnishings blurred as her mind spun with the day’s revelations. The echo of her boots hitting the floor faded until she could hear little else but her own thoughts.

She ran a hand through her short, black hair, all the new information fighting for attention, her mind a chaotic mess. She needed to organize her thoughts and figure out what all she had to do to prepare for leaving the planet—but that conversation with Larry. When her friend, Larry, better known at the United Earth Space Research University as Professor Lawrence Wellington, had requested her presence on a long-term research trip to the International Mars Base, she knew he’d been holding something back. However, she hadn’t been prepared for a secret of this magnitude.

An alien ship found in a cave on Mars—what the fuck? It’s been there for a billion years. A billion years. It’s an easy enough number to understand, but hard to wrap your head around.

Reverse engineering the advanced technology had unlimited possibilities. The alien craft might only be a small automated one, but the implications and technology could change virtually anything—maybe even everything.

It was already going to be awesome getting to see Mars and hanging out with Larry. Fuck, She’d missed Larry lately. Between preparing for the trip and his wedding before they leave, she didn’t get to see him much. He and Smita probably won’t leave their quarters the entire time they’re on the ship.

The only thing that could make this better is if she met a little cutie to spend time with. That’s going to be a tall order though. A lesbian who—no actually any orientation where she is attracted to women would work—but also around her age, attractive, gets along with her, isn’t an ex and happens to be going to Mars soon—well, she might as well be hoping to find a pink unicorn.

Marty doubted there would be much for her to do there professionally. Securing the network, server maintenance and all that stuff the university neglects won’t take that much time. Marty figured she would probably have to hack the corporations there to find out what they know. But mostly having some fun—trying out her mixed martials arts moves in Martian gravity—and what about that pink unicorn?

Marty couldn’t help but worry, since at least one of the three corporations on Mars at least knew something about the alien ship. No telling what they would do—or be willing to do, for that matter.

They would love to get their hands on it. Once patented, the monopoly on the resulting technologies would bring about a record amount of inequality. It would have to be done by the university, so all of it would remain in the public sphere.

It had been weird putting all her stuff into long-term storage. It was even weirder telling clients she wasn’t going to be able to handle any consulting jobs for a while.

The Mars trip was exciting and the result of her technical skill. She excelled at her consulting business and one of her clients was the United Earth Space Research University, specifically Professor Lawrence Wellington, who later became her best friend.

Nearly five months had passed since Larry first mentioned the Mars trip. It was the same day she won a regional powerlifting competition. She only placed third at the New Jersey state women’s championship. They were all within a few pounds of each other though. Marty vowed to take first in 2083.

Author Bio

“D. B. Drew is married and lives with multiple furry cat babies. The Midwestern native is a feminist/philosopher/computer geek/writer who has a lifelong love of both science and sci-fi/fantasy. THE CAVERNS OF MARS is D. B. Drew’s first fiction novel.

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