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Announcement: The Last Guardian of Sedelta, by Matt Jakens

The Last Guardian of SedeltaQSFer Matt Jakens has a new GENRE book out:

Jake is happy with his life aboard the Edgeward Hub space station. That is until his father, a nefarious smuggler, sends him an urgent message.

His father has stolen an artifact that will reveal a plot to unearth a super-weapon capable of destroying a planet or even a star, and Jake learns some shocking truths about his heritage too.

Thrust into a conspiracy that threatens another galactic war, Jake must race to discover where this super- weapon is. All the while evading a potent and deadly enemy hell-bent on finding the ancient weapon.

His first clue leads him to the planet Sedelta and a dormant volcano where, hidden inside is a shrine to an unbelievable creature. There, Jake begins his journey to find the Last Guardian of Sedelta and save the galaxy.


“Targ, we’ll be breaching the portal any second now. As soon as we drop out of the hyperspace corridor I’ll need you up here with me!” said Jake Cutter over the internal communications of his small salvage and rescue ship.

Moments earlier he had picked up a distress call. Not an unusual occurrence, not for the young pilot whose job it was to attend ships that required help, but this time was different. Personal.

This particular distress call had come from his father’s trader vessel; the Cutter’s Ark.

Jake and his father’s relationship was tenuous at best; they rarely spoke, and Jake had not left on good terms when he had announced he was to leave the family business and join the Coalition taskforce.

The message had been cryptic, and had stressed that Jake needed to be present and time was running short. Jake had no idea what was wrong, but the strain in his father’s voice had been enough for him to jump in to action.

He and Targ, his co-pilot, had not been far away when the call had come in and they were travelling a hyperspace corridor to intercept them. It would lead in to a part of space close to a Malacostraca junction, which suggested to Jake that his father had been smuggling across enemy lines again. The Malacostraca were a malevolent race of insectoids whom had annexed large portions of space; but by cutting through their territory a trader could save a lot of time.

Ahead, through the cockpit window, the swirling energy of the hyperspace lane began to tighten in to a whirlpool of blue and purple light and sparkling energy, and at its centre a dark spot quickly began to expand in to a large opening, revealing the light speckled darkness of space beyond. This was a hyperspace portal, a fixed point in space weak enough to break out of the incomprehensibly fast speeds of hyperspace.

The small bird-shaped form of Jake’s ship; the Crow’s Feet, exited the portal like a bullet then immediately slowed to normal speed as the hyperspace current dissipated. Its powerful engines burned brightly as they took over propulsion, and the Crow’s Feet peeled left in search of the Cutter’s Ark.

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Author Bio

Matt Jakens is a freelance writer and independent music reviewer. With a fascination for science fiction whether in print, TV or the movies Matt lives and loves the sci-fi/fantasy genre. A big fan of roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire the Masquerade he has written many adventures in this genre too. Now entering the world of sci-fi by releasing his debut novel The Last Guardian of Sedelta – Book 1 in September 2015 on Amazon Kindle, he hopes to thrill readers with the first instalment of his series with a gay lead and action hero, and an exciting new alien galaxy.


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