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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Last Nephilim, by W.S. Long

The Last Nephilim

QSFer W.S. Long has a new MM paranormal book out:

They say love is eternal. That’s what Eli believes in his heart and soul as he searches again for his reincarnated lover, Micha, who is now living as Adam, and happy in Mexico City.

This time, Eli has help looking for Micha. Micha’s son, Josh, goes to Mexico City to track down his father. Eli and Josh struggle first just to find Adam, and then face a man who doesn’t remember — or know — either of them. At the same time, a menace from Eli’s past resurfaces, and places their journey and their eternal lives in danger. Can true love overcome the remnants of evil that haunt Eli?

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Eli had been quiet throughout most of the ride from Mexico City to Teotihuacan. He couldn’t figure out why Sully and Eli weren’t talking to each other. But by the way Josh and Sully hung on each other’s words, finished them at times, then argued back and forth over what to eat and where to eat for lunch, not to mention the hand-holding at the touristy cafeteria they’d stopped at for a quick breakfast, he knew Josh and Sully were really into each other.

Which left Adam to ponder about Eli. Eli had remained quiet, almost aloof when they’d stopped and eaten breakfast, then he’d remained quiet while Josh and Sully wandered through the obsidian jewelry and handicraft store next door to the diner.

Tall, blond, mysterious. Wow. How do I get him to talk to me more? The sun beat down on all four of them, but Eli appeared unfazed by the heat. Adam moved closer to Eli, drew a long breath, taking in the smell of the lavender scent of the hotel soap. “Impressive, right?”

Eli nodded and didn’t say a word.

“What did you think was better, these pyramids, or the canals you went to the other day?”

“The kids liked the canals, but I think this was a great idea to show us around.” Eli smiled. “I think they loved the pyramids here more.”

Adam’s knees jerked when he saw Eli’s smile. The way the sun shone behind his head and showcased Eli’s beautiful face and highlighted the loose strands in his hair in almost a halo didn’t hurt either. Adam’s fingers tingled. He wanted Eli to talk more. To say something. Anything. He just wanted to hear Eli’s voice. His throat tightened from anxiety.

God. Say something to him.

“Have you ever been to Egypt? I hear the pyramids there put these to shame.”

Once Adam spoke, Eli’s smile flattened and evolved into an almost non-committal appearance. Adam opened his mouth to say something to make Eli smile again.

“Eli’s been everywhere.” Josh tipped his bottle and took another drink.

“Yes, I’ve been to Egypt. It’s a beautiful country. It was anyway. Not the same now as I remember it.”

Great. Keep him talking.

“Your family … did they move around a lot?”

Eli shook his head. “Not really. I didn’t know my father. And my mother died fairly young. I traveled, hitchhiked mostly. For a long time.”

“Is that how you saw Egypt?” asked Adam.

“Yes. I worked there for a small period of time. But that was a long, long time ago.”

Adam grabbed a water bottle from his backpack and offered it to Eli. He studied Eli then watched as Eli drank. Adam studied Eli’s lips as Eli drank. How would those lips of Eli’s feel pressed against his own? Were they soft? Was Eli a good kisser?

Adam daydreamed for a moment but was brought out of his reverie when Eli handed the water back to Adam, who then relished finishing the rest of the water.

When Eli moved closer to Adam, Adam’s arms and legs tingled again as if Eli’s presence carried little electrical waves. “Are you still thirsty?” asked Eli.

“Yeah, I should’ve bought more water at the restaurant earlier.”

“Well, I can get some more water for you.” Eli smiled as he spoke, barely above a whisper. Adam wanted to pinch himself. He caught how Eli said the word ‘you.’ There was no mistaking that Eli was flirting with him.

Holy shit! He’s like twenty years younger than me.

“Or we can walk around the top up here. Leave the two lovebirds alone for a while.”

Adam’s eyes lit up. “Sure, I like the sound of that.”

As Eli and Adam walked to the edge of the pyramid away from Josh and Sully, they encountered a large tour group of folks walking up. As they patiently waited for the tour leader to bring his folks up, Adam marveled at Eli’s muscular physique, the way that Eli walked with confidence. Adam tried to place the feeling he had that coursed through him.


That’s the emotion that flooded him. Eli made him feel safe.

“I want to say it’s pretty impressive that you want to go to medical school to help people.”

“Thanks. I hope I’m doing the right thing. I’m not a twenty-something person. If I could start all over, maybe I’d have tried to find some way to go to medical school when I was in my late twenties.”

“And why didn’t you?” asked Eli.

“I don’t know. Maybe I just didn’t think I could do it.”

Eli leaned in, moving closer into Adam’s personal space and touched Adam’s arm for a moment. “I don’t doubt you could have done it. Maybe you just didn’t think it was for you. We make lots of decisions and sometimes lots of mistakes.”

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure I have. Look at me. Most of my friends are married, settled down, have kids. I sometimes wonder what’d it be like to have a son or daughter. Someone to share my life with if there wasn’t a special man. A lot of my gay friends have already tied the knot. Me? I’ve wanted to –“

“But?” asked Eli, with one eyebrow arched.

“I always felt that I hadn’t met the right person. That Mister Right was still out there, looking for me. And me, I felt like I was still looking for him.” Adam pursed his lips. “And here I am. Alone.”

“Well, I’m here with you. And I’m glad you haven’t met anyone that you wanted to settle down with.”

The large crowd had left and they were alone on the backside of the pyramid, away from the main avenue. Adam faced Eli. Is he just saying this to be nice?

“I’m not. By the way.”

“Not what?” Adam asked.

“Saying that I’m glad you haven’t found anyone just to be nice.”

Adam laughed. “Can you read minds?”

“What do you think?” Eli moved close and put his hand on Adam’s face then brought Adam toward him. Adam’s knees shook. He didn’t resist the gentle tug to meet Eli. Soon Eli’s lips pressed against his and Adam melted into Eli’s embrace. He opened his mouth slightly to meet Eli’s and found Eli’s gentle intrusion welcoming. Adam’s head spun with emotions, a mix of excitement and contentment. Adam forgot for a moment the age difference between them and let Eli take the lead. Adam’s heart raced and his body reacted in a state of excitement. He knew they’d only met less than twenty-four hours ago, but his whole body and soul told him Eli was different. Adam kept his eyes closed as Eli explored Adam’s mouth with soft kisses and a patient tongue. Adam didn’t want to move from this spot. There was something about what was happening that was frightening and yet comforting. When Eli finally broke off the kiss, Adam lunged back at him, tippy-toed and demanded that Eli’s kisses be returned. Eli chortled before they resorted to kissing. Adam was the more experienced man, the older man, but Eli was teaching him something here.

Eli was in control. Stronger, more confident, and definitely more commanding.

And, Adam was okay with it. In fact, for the first time in his life, he realized what he’d been missing.


Author Bio

Immigrant, military-brat, gay veteran, and former theme park employee, among other things, W.S. Long upon leaving the military became a lawyer. During the day, he practices law but at night he reads and writes male-male romance under this pen name. Once in a while W.S. Long travels or dreams about traveling with his wonderful husband, a mild-mannered college professor.


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