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Announcement: The Man Who Watched the Stars, by Carol Holland March

The Man Who Watched the StarsQSFer Carol Holland March has a new sci fi MM romance out:

Tessa gets a frantic call from her ex-husband to help him escape from a military base. The most famous astronaut on Earth is in trouble.

Josh made the first hyperspace jump with an alien copilot and created a result no one foresaw. Now the aliens are leaving Earth. What happened on board that flight, and what choice will Josh make now?

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Whenever I saw a Teneran face on a vid, it surprised me. Humanoid, the media said. Besides the fact that Tenerans had two arms, two legs and the same external sensory organs we do, they do not look like close relatives. Yet when they speak, they sound like very formal humans.

Josh moved so close to him they might have touched. The Teneran lowered his head. Josh raised his. Their foreheads met in a gesture so intimate I turned away to check on the coffee I didn’t think anyone would want.

Paris had to duck to enter the house. He extended his hand. It felt hot in mine. I noticed the chalky color of his skin, the long, black fingernails, the etched gold rings on every finger.

“Thank you for helping Joshua,” he said in that slow, formal speech.

“Please sit. What can I offer you to drink?”

His huge yellow eyes made me shiver. “I have grown accustomed to your coffee.”

I brought the cups, and we sat at the kitchen table. Josh and Paris looked at each other so intently I thought I perceived words passing between them.

“We worried about you,” I said.

Paris turned his yellow eyes toward me. “I have made a . . .” He looked at Josh.

“Bargain,” Josh supplied. “He refused to leave until they agreed to let me choose.”

My hands were trembling. “I believe in choice.”

“My family thanks you,” Paris said.

Author Bio

Carol Holland March writes speculative fiction about what peeks from behind the veil. Her stories have appeared in online and print magazines and anthologies. Her fantasy trilogy, the Dreamwalkers of Larreta will be published by Ellysian Press. The Tyro, the first volume, will be available in September, 2016 Carol teaches creativity and writing for healing at the University of New Mexico.


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