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Announcement: The Mind Spy, by Tricia Owens

The Mind SpyQSFer Tricia Owens has a new MM sci fi romance out:

Black is powerless, but his new opponent might possess the power of the future.

With Black back in Captain Dickerson’s good graces, a sense of calm has descended over the men of JC2. Though Black is still psy-null, Calyx and he have managed to keep the secret from Kard and their enemies…for now. However, it’s a calm before the storm, for Dickerson has a new assignment: hunt down and kill the rogue telepath, Marcus Maze. While on the surface the assignment seems legit–Maze has been murdering the wives of prominent Juxtapose City citizens–Black begins to have his doubts, especially when he learns that Maze was a former subject of Dickerson’s experiments.

What had the experiment entailed? How had it gone wrong and produced such a cold, calculating killer? And more worrisome: why does Black feel a kinship with a man seemingly intent on bringing Juxtapose City to its knees? graphic m/m sexual situations

Juxtapose City Book Ten

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2: In the Blink of an Eye
3: The Battle for Black
4: The Ultimate Team
5: My Lover, My Enemy
6: The Sound of Truth
7: Shattered Alliance
8: Exchange of Power
9: Prodigal Son

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Author Bio

Tricia Owens is the author of the Sin City and A Pirate’s Life for me series, both of which are m/m romances. Juxtapose City is her sci-fi series set in a futuristic world full of empaths, telepaths, and telekinetics.

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