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Announcement: The Pariah, by Lindy P. Lawrence

The PariahQSFer Lindy P. Lawrence has a sci fi book out:

Salt Lake Police Detective Jason Johnson and his Samoan partner, Manny Tofulu, investigate heinous crimes. Jason unexpectedly meets Leland on a mountain top, and saves him from the creatures that are trying to kill him.

Leland is a Pariah. His face and body are human in appearance, but he is covered in white feathers, has wings, and the ability to fly. Leland and several of his species have fled their planet, trying to avoid the wrath of the Eremites. The overwhelming number of Eremites can also fly, but their faces are similar to wolves, and they hunt humans for sport.

After their city is destroyed, Jason and his team are forced to flee across the valley with the Eremites in relentless pursuit. Finally defeating the Eremites, they must leave Earth with the Pariah rescue ship in pursuit of a better life. Unfortunately, the chilling nightmare quickly escalates into a fight for survival, not only from more Eremite creatures, but from members of their own team.

Jason discovers that Leland is unlike any “male” he has ever met, and falls in love with him. But can Jason leave his troubled past behind him and live the life he has always dreamed of?


I quickly removed the clip from my pistol and inserted a fresh fifteen round magazine into the butt of the weapon. As I neared the fallen creature, the seemingly docile being struggled to sit up, his legs stretched out before him. He looked at me compassionately. My mind couldn’t seem to grasp the incredible image before me, and apparently, the birdman seemed to understand as much just by reading my expression; he looked at me compassionately.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Strangely, his palms and the bottoms of his feet were padded like a dog’s paws. Otherwise, he looked almost entirely human, except for his feathers, of course. Though slight in stature, his body was trim, muscular perfection. The large wings folded against his back seemed to be attached to his shoulders and upper arms, down to the elbow. Instead of hair, white-feathered trusses flowed from his orange-tipped topknot down around his angelic face and over his shoulders. His deep, cerulean eyes were so stunning they took my breath away, but it was the intricate feathering on his face and down the front of his body that I most admired. The smaller feathers covering his breast displayed a subtle trail of red and orange feathering leading down to his penis.

And what a penis it was. I gaped at the size of it. How such a small being could be equipped with such a magnificent cock was beyond my comprehension. It was uncircumcised, but as I watched, the knob of his cock began to emerge from beneath the hood. Ever so slowly, it lengthened and rose from its feathered bed, lengthening until the tiny male, obviously embarrassed by his physical reaction to my perusal, covered it with both hands.

The delectable view now blocked—for the most part anyway—I looked up to meet the birdman’s luminous eyes. If I wasn’t mistaken, I could see a reddish blush seeping through the short feathers of his cheeks.

Unconcerned for my safety, I slowly lowered my weapon, and moved to stand a few feet in front him. Surprisingly, he smiled at me, and although he did not speak, my mind perceived his thoughts…

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Author Bio

Lindy P. Lawrence was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been writing erotic novels for several years and he enjoys combining obnoxious characters with exciting action thrillers, who must overcome insurmountable odds. Inspiration for his work relies heavily on sipping Booker’s Bourbon, and listening to classic southern rock music. He plans on returning to St. Louis in the very near future to be reunited with his soul-mate; his real-life Pariah!


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