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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Raven Prince – Eric Alan westfall

The Raven Prince - Eric Alan Westfall

QSFer Eric Alan Westfall has a new MM paranormal young adult book out: “The Raven Prince.”

What do you do when you’re sixteen, gay, a raven shifter, and you’re starting a new school after the semester’s started? Especially a human school.

Mike hopes—although unlike the song his mom loves, his aren’t very high—are for blending in. Maybe make some friends? Except…he’s short, slender, goth-looking with the shiny black hair, black eyes and thick lashes, wears an elegant suit and tie, and drives a hot black Mercedes convertible. 

Plus, he’s eventually going to be the Raven Prince, once he stops refusing the requests—he suspects there’s a “for now” in there somewhere—from Raven Himself.

So when he’s confronted by the bullies who rule the school—Preacher’s Son, Banker’s Son, Sheriff’s Son, Principal’s Daughter—there go his hopes of blending. He wasn’t raised to give in to their kind, whether human or shifter, and he’s not about to start now. 

When the Four can’t get to Mike, they go after him through his best friend, Johnny, the devoutly straight wrestling star who doesn’t care about the gay thing. And likely wouldn’t about the shifter thing, if he knew.

If Johnny is hurt, how far will Mike go—how far will the Raven Prince go—to get justice?

Raven justice.

Plus two bonus short stories:

Edging:  Will a mistake about meaning make a mess for Tommy and Vince? Or maybe lead to something more?

The Plan That Didn’t Gang Aft Agley: Jack’s plans have a tendency to go agley. Way agley. He hopes his special plan for Billy at football practice is the one that won’t.

40,939 words of YA shifter novella and contemporary stories. P.S. If you bought the earlier, more stories, collection, you don’t need to buy this one. Although you could, if you wanted to. It would be dumb of me to object if you did, and I do try not to be dumb. Succeeding? Whole other issue.

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Author Bio

Eric is an American Midwesterner, and as Lady Glenhaven might say, “He’s old enough to have sailed with Noah.” In the real world he writes for a living, with those who would claim what he writes is fiction. His partner of thirty years—who died unexpectedly in 1995—enthusiastically encouraged him to try to get his writing published (mostly poetry back then, plus some short stories), but he didn’t have the guts to do so until 2013. At this point he’s not sure which was officially first, The Song, or Like a Mountain, Waiting.

Starting then, he’s published 13 novels and novellas, 1 poetry collection, 2 short story collections, and 3 short stories. God willin’ and the crick don’t rise, 2020 will also see The Tinderbox out and about. But since real life is, as we all know, a pain in the (anatomical site of your choice)…no guarantees.

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