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ANNOUNCEMENT: Triad Soul, by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Triad Soul

QSFer ‘Nathan Burgoine has a new MM Paranormal/Fantasy book out:

The law of three is everything: three vampires for a coterie, three demons for a pack, and three wizards for a coven. Those alone or in pairs are vulnerable to the rest. Luc, Anders, and Curtis—vampire, demon, and wizard—sidestepped tradition by binding themselves together.

When something starts brutally killing demons in Ottawa, the three find themselves once again moving among the powers who rule the city from the shadows—this time working with them to try to stop the killings before chaos and blood rule the streets.

Hunting a killer who seems to leave no trace behind, the triad are forced to work with allies they don’t dare trust, powers they barely understand, and for the good of those they already know to be corrupt.

They have the power of blood, soul, and magic. But they have to survive to keep it.

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“I tend to agree with Anders,” Luc said.
“Someone note the time and date,” Anders said.
Curtis sighed. “I get it. I don’t want to get involved either.” He bit his lip.
“But?” Luc said.
Curtis looked at him, a small smile lifting the corner of his lips. “You know me too well.”
“Tell me what you want to do.”
“Someone killed a demon and did something pretty awful to him, magically speaking. I’m meeting with my craft night group tonight, and I thought maybe I could pick their brains about it. It can’t hurt, right?”
Luc regarded Curtis for a moment. He was obviously upset. Luc could feel it through their bond, a mix of concern and empathy typical of the wizard. And Curtis’s point about how the Families would react if this magical assault was indeed unsanctioned by their leaders was valid. Would the Families look at the three of them if things were indeed happening out of their purview?
Probably. He was loath to admit it.
“I could look into it as well. I am not without resources,” Luc said.

“Here we go,” Anders said. Both he and Curtis were on the couch. Anders had one arm wrapped around Curtis’s shoulder, and he hugged him. “Settle in for a royal speech from Ducky Lucky.”
Curtis patted Anders’s arm. “Don’t be so jealous. Luc may be an actual vampire Duke, but you’re still royalty to us.”
“Yes, every court has a jester,” Luc said.
Anders gave him the finger with his free hand.
“What do you mean, though?” Curtis said. “What resources?”
“As the Duc,” Luc said, ignoring the way Anders rolled his eyes and groaned, “I have access to the archivist and the other heads of the coteries as well. I’d intended to have a meeting with them in any circumstance, to discuss the lone vampires. I can ask them about this as well.”
“So we’re getting involved,” Anders said.
Luc raised one shoulder. “Technically, I should be involved anyway. This is my city to govern.”
“You govern the vampires.” Anders snorted. “You don’t govern demons. Or wizards.”
“Then I shall consider it community outreach.”
“You are the last person the demons would speak to,” Anders said. He gave Curtis another squeeze. “You neither, no offence. You’re both pretty, but meetings between you guys and demons haven’t gone too good in the past.”
“Hey. Self defense,” Curtis said.
“Right. Lethal self defense,” Anders said. “If we’re gonna get into demon business, it’s better if you two hang back.”
“So you’re to be our ambassador to the packs of Ottawa?” Luc said.
Anders grinned. “Think of me as Gandhi. Only sexy as fuck.”
“I don’t think Gandhi was ever actually an ambassador,” Curtis said.
“Whatever. They’ll bow down to me or I’ll kick their ass.”
Curtis blinked. “Anders,” he started. “Gandhi didn’t—”
“Sounds like a plan,” Luc said, giving Curtis a small shake of his head. There was no point.

Author Bio

‘Nathan Burgoine grew up a reader and studied literature in university while making a living as a bookseller. His first published short story was “Heart” in the collection Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction. Since then, he has had dozens of short stories published, including This is How You Die (the second Machine of Death anthology).

His first novel, Light, is available from Bold Strokes Books and was a finalist for both the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror, and the BOTYA 2013 Gay & Lesbian (Adult Fiction) ForeWord award. His second novel, Triad Blood, is available now from Bold Strokes Books. His first novella-length work, “In Memoriam,” is included in the collection On the Run, by Wilde City Press, and available as a solo e-novella through Lethe Press.

A cat lover, ‘Nathan managed to fall in love and marry Daniel, who is a confirmed dog person. Their ongoing “cat or dog?” détente ended with the adoption of Coach, a six-year old husky. They live in Ottawa, Canada, where socialized health care and gay marriage have yet to cause the sky to cave in.

You can find ‘Nathan on the web at


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