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ANNOUNCEMENT: Unidentified Flying Hottie – Kimberly Hart

Unidentified Flying Hottie

QSFer Kimberly Hart has a new FF sci fi book out, Little Green Book 2: “Unidentified Flying Hottie.”

Earth has been invaded, and the aliens come in peace. In fact, they want to share their culture. The poet laureate assigned to the planet will take on a human companion, and together they’ll travel the world and write about they see.

Katie is an unremarkable human; she’s barely left her parents’ farm. Although she feels completely unworthy to be chosen for the journey, she vows to do her best – even if it means dealing with an icy yet beautiful alien poet who feels this primitive planet is beneath her. 

Can Katie make Grace fall in love with Earth – and melt her heart in the process?

(Unidentified Flying Hottie is an enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance that follows the events of My Little Green Girlfriend. While each features a different couple, this novel is best enjoyed as the second half of the duet.)

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Krypsn-56M-R3W2 jolted as her consciousness reformed in a new body.

“Success,” Azyxs-02H-M4T2 said – Marsha, as she was known on Earth. “Welcome to the sixth tier.”

Krypsn felt her new limbs from the inside. Two arms, two legs, one head. Ten odd little projections called “fingers” and “toes.” Her human eyes took in a limited portion of the color spectrum, and her hearing was dull and muted.

Looking around the teleportation chamber, she found Marsha standing at the entrance. In human form, Marsha looked small and frail. Downright laughable – but then, Krypsn could say the same thing about herself.

“I didn’t think the sixth tier had teleportation,” Krypsn said. If she’d still had the whiskers that came with her usual form, they would’ve been folding backwards. Instead, her human nose wrinkled.

“The chamber was just built recently,” Marsha said. “Interworld communication has been set up, too. You’re the first one to use this system who’s not an Interplanetary Union politician.”

“What an honor,” Krypsn said dryly.

She looked down at her body. Her skin was a pleasing shade of brown, but that didn’t change the fact that she missed her feathers. She was clad in tight, plain garments that matched the color of her flesh. Waves of black hair hung around her shoulders, and she tugged at it in irritation. Rather than coming off, it yanked at her scalp.

“The hair is part of the body,” Marsha said.

“You could have told me that sooner.”

Krypsn strode to the chamber door – or tried to. Halfway through her first step, she lost balance and tumbled to the floor.

“I’ve got you,” Marsha said, holding out a hand.

Krypsn rubbed her bottom, which was now sore. What a way to start her first day on Earth. It didn’t bode well for her time here.

“It’s great to have you here,” Marsha said, opening the chamber door for her. “Things are moving quickly on this planet. We desperately need a poet to document it, and I’m a big fan of your work.”

Krypsn squinted against the sunlight. This sun was brighter than her home one, or else these eyes were weaker. “Thank you.”

She knew Marsha was referring to her older compilations. The last few had received less and less acclaim, and hardly anyone had even heard about the most recent one she’d written. What was the point of spending an entire sun-rotation on a fourth-tier planet if no one read her work?

That was why she’d been sent here. Her name was still well-known, but her work was fading out of public attention. Coming to a sixth-tier planet was a huge demotion, even if there was quiet chatter about Earth rising to the fifth tier after a few years. The interplanetary arts commission had done this intentionally.

“I assume you’ve read the databases about Earth. Have you thought about what you’d like to be called while you’re here?”

“Yes.” Krypsn had done her research. Even if she was stuck on this planet, she’d do the best work that she could. “I looked through the English dictionary. I’d like to go by the name Grace.”

She was going to need some of that to survive her stay here.

Author Bio

Kimberly Hart is a queer woman who’s been writing since she could pick up a pen. Her novels are sweet and steamy with a sci-fi twist, and they always end with a happily-ever-after. She also writes contemporary lesbian romance under the name Kim Hartfield. Find her on Facebook under Kim Hartfield, or join her group The Romantic Hart!

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