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ANNOUNCEMENT: Variant – Dani Hermit & Nevi Star

Variant - Dani Hermit & Nevi Star

QSFers Dani Hermit & Nevi Star have a new MM dark superhero yaoi book out, Burn Outs book 3: Variant.

A kinky dark yaoi superhero story.

When a Villain tries to be a Hero and ends up in over his head, what choice does he have but to change?

With Curtis now powerless and Matt not entirely certain that Mythos is subdued, both sides of the impending war are forced to lie low for a few days.

The pause in aggression gives Matt’s team a chance to regroup after Thomas’s apparent defection and the sound beating they took from Dark Mirror. While they are collecting themselves, Colton takes the opportunity to help them train and improve control over their reawakened powers.

Not so far away, in the hotel occupied by the Necromancer and his faction, Thomas is desperately seeking his chance to undo the evil young leader’s plans so that he can return to his friends. But what he finds behind closed doors at the Elegance might be enough to undo him instead.

Trigger warnings for dub/noncon, super tragic backstories, explicit sex, angsty gay dudes, and cliffhangers. This series reads like a Netflix season, so every book is like an episode that leads up to the epic conclusion in book 7.

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“Is he awake yet?”

Crossing his arms, Matt looked up at Boris as he came back in the room, holding a bag stuffed with Chinese delivery. Matt could feel his stomach cramp with hunger as the scent of food filled the room.

“Yeah,” Matt replied to Boris’s question, nodding across the room to where Colton was sitting up in the tattoo chair. He was still tied up, gagged, and glaring at Matt.

“I assume we’re still not dealing with Colton?” Boris asked, starting to unpack the bag onto the table.

“Not based on the crap he was spewing when I tried to take off the gag,” Matt said with a sigh. He reached for one of the cartons of food, not caring what it was, and started eating.

Boris made a sound as he helped himself to his own food. “I assume that you didn’t do your thing? Shoot him up with your magic cock dust or whatever.”

“No, I didn’t.” Matt confirmed between huge bites of food. “Do you want to try your luck?”

Boris paused, a pot sticker halfway to his mouth and looked over at Colton. The small man was glaring murder at them. “Yeah, OK. No way I’d put my cock anywhere near that.” They ate in silence for a few minutes before Boris spoke up again. “Matt, we’re not exactly friends.”

“And?” Matt looked up when Boris fell silent again.

“It’s not my place to tell you how to handle your relationship,” Boris continued, setting his food aside. “God knows, I am not the guy people should ask for relationship advice. But this situation is bigger than just your shitty romantic decisions.”

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t know,” Matt sighed.

“Matt, you need to either tame him or keep him contained.” Boris said quietly. “Mythos is too dangerous to be left to his own devices, and Colton is obviously not strong enough to hold him back. Everything about him puts us in danger. Even if I’ve changed my mind about killing him, something has to be done.”

Matt glared at Boris for a long minute, finally sighing and going back to eating. “I know. I don’t know what, but I know I have to do something.”

Standing up, Boris took his carton of chicken and headed for the door. “I’m going to see about finding a place to sleep with a real bed. Text me if you need a room too and I’ll get you something. Maybe feed the beast and here,” Boris pulled a syringe of sedatives out of his pocket and left it on the table. “Just in case.”

“Thanks,” Matt muttered, turning to look at Colton.

The glare was now focused on the pile of food on the table. Boris had obviously bought for the whole team, and even with the two of them making pigs of themselves, there was a ton of food left. After Matt polished off his second carton of chicken and most of the pot stickers, he held out one of the untouched cartons to Colton.

“Hungry?” Matt asked, breaking the long silence that had only been punctuated by the sound of him chewing and scraping the bottom of the carton for the last bits of chicken and veggies.

Author Bio

The writing duo behind the Parliament of Twilight books (and several briefly notorious YuGiOh fanfics), Dani Hermit and Nevi Star have been romantically involved for over 20 years, though they have been telling stories together for even longer. A mutual love of slash fan-fiction and high fantasy novels lead to a love for each other that hasn’t faded through the years. Together they created the various incarnations of the characters who would one day emerge as the cast for the Parliament of Twilight.

Dani also does cover design both for the Hermit & Star books as well as a side-hustle to pay for coffee. She’s also been known to crochet odd little creatures, read Tarot, and play a wicked good game of Cards Against Humanity.

Art school survivor Nevi does half of the cover design work for their novels, as well as kawaii anime style art of her own, when not drowning in an ocean of baking shows and home shopping binges.

When not fully emerged in the imaginary worlds they’ve created, Dani and Nevi spend their time absorbing books, anime, and reality TV. They live in a lovely little community in suburban Indiana with their pirate crew and a few cats.

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