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ANNOUNCEMENT: When An Omega Loves – Michael Mandrake & Giovanna Reaves

When An Omega Loves

QSFers Giovanna Reaves and Michael Mandrake have a new MM omegaverse book out: “When an Omega Loves.”

Mario has refused to mate in favor of building his business, but when he is approached by two alphas, can he resist the temptation?

Mario is fed up with being an omega. For years, he’s fought the stereotype and his own desire while he works tirelessly to make his company a success. His parents want grandchildren, but Mario refuses, saying he isn’t ready. Mario’s painful past reminds him that he doesn’t want or need love. Despite seeing people happy around him, he doesn’t want to be under another man’s foot again. 

Jaivon has long sought out a partner. Though he and his current man are blissfully in love, they know a third will strengthen their bond. But will that destroy what they already have? Regardless, Jaivon knows they can’t continue even with the threat of tearing their world apart looming over their heads. 

Bryce isn’t prepared for another man. He’d been content with his man, but they clearly need someone else to complete them. Although he fears what happens next, he’d goes along with it because he’ll always have Jaivon no matter what. Or will he? Losing his gorgeous lover could break him beyond repair. 

When Jaivon and Bryce approach Mario, he has nowhere to turn. Caught between two alphas, the urge to drop to his knees is strong, but will be bend to satisfy his carnal desire or deny his feelings in favor of his pride?

Refusing his instincts could do more harm than good.

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Grabbing his cell, he walked back to the kitchen. The food had been done for a while, so Mario took it out and pitched it in the garbage. It was good, but Marko’s version of a home cooked meal would be better. Mario’s mouth watered thinking about the food Marko prepared. The man was an ace in the kitchen. Even better, he was Mario’s downstairs neighbor, meaning he wouldn’t be far away. Being friends had its special set of benefits and one of them was living in the same building. 

Marko texted saying he was at the door. Mario ambled through his hallway to the foyer and unlocked it. 


Mario smiled at Marko then dropped his gaze to the bag. “What’s in there?”

“Roasted lamb, potatoes with gravy, broccoli spears with s side of cheese sauce–”

“Say no more, man. Gimme!” Mario grabbed the bag which was still somewhat hot.

“Uh right.” Marko laughed and closed the door behind him. “I suppose you really are hungry.”

“Yeah. Momma Lolla talked my ear off earlier.”

“Oh? About?”

“Mating of course,” Mario yelled back. 

“Well, it is about time for you to settle and find prince charming.”

“Ugh. Why? I mean, can’t I sleep with the prince then find another along the way?” Mario emptied one of the styrofoam containers onto a plate. 

“You can, but Lolla and Daphne want you to find Mr. Right. I do too actually. So does, Al.”

“Yeah, yeah. You and Al are blissfully happy and I should follow suit, right?” Mario smirked as he placed the plate inside the microwave. It was only lukewarm, so he figured a minute should make it hot enough to eat. 

“Yes you should. We’re about ready to try for a baby too. My little bundle needs someone to play with.”

“They’ll be waiting a while,” Mario singsonged, pulling the plate out when it dinged. 

“Oh c’mon, Mario. You’re not getting any younger.” Marko’s voice was in the same room with him now.

Mario looked up at Marko’s concerned eyes and shrugged. “I’m not old as dust yet. I got time.”

“Dude. The prime of an omega is between twenty and thirty. You’re twenty-eight.”

“So what? Like I said, not old as dirt, but not fresh out the womb either.” Mario popped a piece of broccoli in his mouth. 

“No, but time is a wasting, man. I’m ready to get Al pregnant, now and he’s ready too. He stopped taking his suppressants last week.”

“I’m happy for both of you.”

“Mario…” Marko groused and plopped in the seat next to him. 

Mario inched away and shook his head. “No pressure to mate, okay? I get enough of that from Momma Lolla. I’m telling you, it’ll happen, but not before I get this company where it needs to be.”

Marko sighed aloud. “It already is, but I’ll tell you, when the urge comes it won’t stop until it grabs you. You use your company as an excuse. Just admit that you’re fucking scared.” He sounded annoyed. 

“Oh I know. I go through that heat shit monthly, remember? And for your information I’m not afraid of a damn thing.”

“Sure you’re not.” Marko rolled his eyes. “I’m not blind, Mario. I’ve been there for you when you’ve gone through your heat.” 

Mario blushed. His heat cycle was his one weakness. No matter how many suppressants he took sometimes it was so strong he needed Al and Marko to lock him in a room while he screamed and begged to be fucked. 

“It’s almost time?” Marko whispered.

“Don’t freaking remind me.”

His last cycle was the hardest for him where he’d almost ruined his friendship with Al and Marko. He’d tried to manipulate Marko into fucking him by flooding his apartment with pheremones ever time his friend came to check on him. Mario had apologized so many times he felt guilty every time he thought about it even though Marko and Al forgave him.

“Stop nagging me.” Mario growled and swallowed a piece of meat. He wouldn’t be losing his appetite because his friend repeated the finer points of being an omega. “I don’t want to throw you out for talking nonsense.” 

Marko laughed. “You really should’ve been an alpha because you have the temperament of one.”

“Love me or like me, I and who I am. And I’m not gonna change.” He winked at Marko who rolled his eyes. “You aren’t eating?”

“Nah, I ate earlier. I’m gonna go. My baby is waiting on me.”

Mario nodded at Marko. “Okay. You kids have fun and don’t make so much noise the next time you decide to have sex in the elevator.”

“What? You—”

Mario laughed and ducked the hand flying in his direction. “Yeah, I heard and so did the whole damn building. Next time put a sock in his mouth. There’s so much “oh Marko fuck me right there” I could take before I wanted to scream.”

“You sound jealous.”

“Jealous my ass.” Mario snorted. 

Marko laughed. “Whatever. Night man.”  


Author Bios

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Thorough these, he builds worlds not centered on erotica but rather the mainstream plots we might encounter in everyday life through personal experiences or the media. 

Giovanna (Gia) Reaves is a dreamer. She spends her days and nights dreaming and thinking of the worlds she wants to create with words. She loves the idea of creating a new world around characters that people she already knows about. And ones that are original, of her own making. She is a mother, wife and a military veteran. She enjoys trying new things such as; traveling, cooking and reading. She incorporates some of the things that she has experienced into her books.


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