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ANNOUNCEMENT: When I Came Home – Frances Regan

When I Came Home - Frances Regan

QSFer Frances Regan has a new MMM urban fantasy romance out, Solar Flash book 2: When I Came Home.

During the summer of 2072, the British Army deployed two teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. IED explosions rip apart the mission, at the entry to the old Bagram Airfield.

Indi Hyde, ex-Sergeant of the British Army’s elite special forces team SF2/SAS lives as a double amputee with C-PTSD. Carrying a strong sense of survivor’s guilt, Indi returns to Blue Hyde Horse breeding Ranch to heal. His life has become one long battle of depression and disability, a chance meeting with a couple of Americans changes his outlook on life, can he finally have everything he ever dreamed of and more.

Equine Geneticist Dr Jason (Jase) Wade moved to the United Kingdom in search of the only Stallion that carries the gene that produces colour. The elusive gene is known to be in the Blue Hyde stallion Featherlight.

The stallion’s owner is grumpy and a chance meeting with him turns an eight-year-long search into something more, can Jase convince Indi to take a chance.

Dr Leo Calvert is an autistic equine veterinary specialist. Living on the spectrum hasn’t been easy for Leo, he feels deeply for his best friend Jase, who is obsessed with finding Indi Hyde.

Meltdowns are commonplace in their lives. Leo loving Jase isn’t enough, a meeting with Indi Hyde, and Leo loses his heart to both men. Can they be convinced to give this special connection a chance?

Indi’s past comes back in the shape of his ex-Commander, searching for his team. Turning their lives upside down.

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“I found you, I love you, and tonight I claim you as my own. As ours — Indi’s and mine — as the love of my life.” Jase said, his voice strong conviction high.

“How long have you imagined this night?” Jase asked, convinced it wasn’t only him that had shouted for Leo as his cum hit the shower wall, at home alone.

“So long, Jase, so fucking long.”

Full of passion, Jase was rooted to the floor, not convinced he could move if he wanted to, his gaze raking down Leo’s naked body, and yet it was his eyes he was gazing at.

“Your mind is what I fell in love with first, your ability to exist in this world feeling all you do. Sensory overload causes your meltdowns — they’re a part of you. Those are what you fear the most. Those are what I hoped for each month, as you let me into your world, to love you. And each time, it became too much. I loved you for your ability to feel more than I could.”

For years, Leo hated that he’d felt things so many people never experienced, how he’d pick up subtle energy shifts. However, these caused meltdowns and depression — it was also these that had contributed to him — becoming the best in his field.

Leo’s stoicism with many people wasn’t shown with Jase or Indi. They saw him for him beyond what he displayed to the world. Leo’s quiet introspection, the way he moved away from sensory overloads without complaint. The tranquillity, and peace he radiated, was the perfect balance of each of them. Jase and Indi loved and cherished Leo.

Indi’s C-PTSD had eased in the months they’d been together, convinced it was because of Leo’s ability to feel energy shifts — he noticed anxiety forming with Indi — often before Angel had.

As Indi had said so many times before, Leo took away the anxiety and quietened his mind.

A world without each of his men wouldn’t be a world Jase wanted to exist in.

Warm lips on Jase took him out of his reverie, the moan the want, the energy between them both, high tonight.

“I can’t, Jase, make love to me — then fuck me.”

Jase nodded. Lube was placed into his hand, as disconnected as he felt — he felt it all.

With a deep breath, Jase pulled back, sat back on his knees, assessing the man in front of him. A slow smile graced his lips.

Loving Jase had been easy. Learning to love himself in the four and a half months he’d been with Jase and Indi had been fun. Only made possible by the man in his arms.

Author Bio

Author Frances Regan is a new name for F.R. D’Angelo, taking a leap of faith and going back to her roots. Using her own name was a personal decision based on her mental health.

“It didn’t feel like I was my authentic self, using a pen name, and while each person has their own decisions and experiences to use a pen name, it wasn’t working out mentally for me.”

Frances Regan fully enjoys writing for her characters. They are men that make her laugh. They also make her cringe. They are utterly shameless. Making her draw stickmen, then telling her to check with her editor to see if their positions will work. (Shakes head)

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