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Announcing the “Clarity” Anthology Stories and Authors


Every year, I have the honor of announcing the stories and authors that were chosen for our Queer Sci Fi flash fiction anthology.

Here’s our announcement schedule for this year:

  • August 1st: Anthology selections
  • August 22nd: Honorable Mentions
  • September 5th: Judges’ and Director’s Choices
  • September 21st: Cover reveal
  • October 5th: Book release and top three winners

And now, without further ado, the anthology picks – congrats to all:

A. B. Encarnacion – Arene, 27F Invisible
A.H. Lykke – Fresh
A.J. Clarke – Shinigami
Abbie Bernstein – Kids Know
Alden Loveshade – Clouds
Alex Blanc – Death by Siren
Alex Liddell – Telegram From the Netherland
Alex Silver – Smile
Alison J. McKenzie – Happy to Help
Allan Dyen-Shapiro – Oysters and Other Slimy Creatures
Alma Nilsson – Meet Me at the South Gate
Amanda Meuwissen – Willows
Andrea Stanet – Bathtub Gin
Angela Acosta – Stuck in the Space Stuck in the Space Elevator
Anne Smith – A Glimpse
Anton Kukal – Detonation
Antonia Aquilante – Through the Glass
Avery Vanderlyle – Taking the Plunge
Barbara Krasnoff – Age Cannot Wither Her
Beáta Fülöp – The Unicorn Handler
Belinda McBride – Thr Choice
Blaine D. Arden – No Crime Unseen
C.T. Phipps – The Chase Was Enough
Camryn Burke – Burden of the Blurred
Caro Soles – The Truth Sayer
Catherine Yeates – Outpouring
Chloe Schaefer – Matthias
Crysta Coburn – The Ghost Maid
D.M. Rasch – Crystal Clear
Daria Richter – Make Me Real
Darrell Z. Grizzle – The Vampire and the Werewolf Priest
David Viner – The Best Solution
Derwin Mak – Software Update
Devon Widmer – Post-Apocalyptic Goo
Drew Baker – The Only Question I Could Ask
E. W. Murks – Earth Day
Elizabeth Hawxhurst – Inflection Point
Emmy Eui – Sunset
Gina Storm Grant – Clearing the Heir
Ginger Streusel – Lover’s Letters
Gordon Bonnet – Refraction
Isa Reneman – The Furthest Horizon
Isabel McKeough – The Art of Not Blowing Up
Isobel Granby – Sea-Glass
Izzy Tyack – Magically Induced Clarity
J Sigel – Hindsight
J.S. Gariety – Bloom
Jaime Munn – Impulse
James Dunham – Brain of Theseus
Jamie Lackey – Jamie Lackey
Jamie Sands – Remote Working Gothic
Jana Denardo – Unexpected
Jane Suen – Bowls of Steaming Noodles
Jason Sárközi-Forfinski – ACAB
Jaymie Wagner – Harmony
Jendayi Brooks-Flemister – Heartsbeats
Jennifer Haskin – Cold Conviction
Jess Nevins – Stagecoach Mary Versus the Ghost of Cascade
Joe DeRouen – The World Around Her
Jordan Ulibarri – Franklin
Josie Kirkwood – The Blue Capsule Experience
Julie Bozza – Verity
K.L. Noone – The Unicorn’s Knight
K.S. Murphy – Looped
Kaje Harper – Beneath the Surface
Kayleigh Skye – Blue
Kim Fielding – Shared Language
Kiya Nicoll – The Satyr and the Wishing Pond
Kora Knight – Sunrise
Kris Jacen – Visus
Krystle Matar – My Poppy Fields Are Burning
Lloyd A. Meeker – Ruti’s Prayer
Lori Alden Holuta – Magic Mirror
M. X. Kelly – Muddy the Waters
Marie Victoria Robertson – As Foretold
Mary Kuna – Late Bloomer
Megan Baffoe – Ribbon Thread
Megan Diedericks – The Closet is Made of Mahogany
Megan Hippler – The Gift
Mere Rain – With Clear Eyes
Minerva Cerridwen – Secundum Artem
Monique Cuillerier – Through This Window
Nathan Alling Long – The Shadow of Doubt
Nathaniel Taff – The Gauntlet
Nicole Dennis – Orange Dust
Oskar Leonard – Murcorpio
Patricia Loofbourrow – There’s Somethung Weird About Joe
Phoebe Ching – The Killer Cupid
R.L. Merrill – The Sitter
Rainie Zenith – Crystal Clear
Raven Oak – Wrinkled
Rdp – Alice!
RE Andeen – Male Female Nonbinary Other
RE Carr – A Woman’s reward
Rie Sheridan Rose – The Night Witch
Rin Sparrow – Never Alone
RL Mosswood – A Trick of the Nerves
RoAnna Sylver – The Face in the Mirror
Rob Bliss – PSI Ecstasy
Rory Ni Coileain – One Night in Troy
Sacchi Green – The Star Beast
Sage HN – Impact
Scott Jenson – Cycles
Sheryl Hayes – A Smoking Hot Proposal
Shirley Meier – Upon Reflection
SI Clarke – If the Shoe Fits
Siri Paulson – Blood and Water
Stacy Noe – Demons Need Love Too
Stephen B. Pearl – Sad Reality
Stephen Dedman – Through a Glass Clearly
Steve Fuson – Translucent
Steve Rasnic Tem – The Man in the Mirror
T.J. Reed – New Memories
Terry Poole – A Grey Man
Tori Thompson – A Visage of Home
V. Astor Solomon – Blood Will Show Us Who We Are
W. Dale Jordan – Ascension
Warren Rochelle – Ghosts
William R. Eakin – Overcoming Entropy
Yoyoli – If Deliberate Avoidance Fulfills No Dream

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