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Review: “Chaos Station” by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Chaos StationGenre: MM Sci Fi Romance

Length: Novel


THE WAR leaves Felix Ingesson physically scarred and emotionally damaged. However, just when he’s made a place for himself on a ship under an understanding captain, out of the blue a man he thought was permanently out of his life comes looking for his crew’s help. An old friend from the academy… and an ex boyfriend.

Zander Anatolius was a prodigy, but the war has changed him too, namely leaving him with alien chemical technology in his body—technology that’s probably going to kill him sooner than later. He gets quite a shock when he hires the crew of the Chaos to help him look for an old friend from the academy, and stumbles upon another old friend and lover, Felix, alive despite all reports to the contrary.

In order to find their friend, the two men attempt to abandon their past and forge ahead, but when the hurt runs deep, and the betrayals were on both sides, can they truly recover from the abandonment?

This was a fantastic science fiction read. I loved the world building and the aliens. Part of the crew of the Chaos is alien, along with some other key characters, and I enjoyed the interactions we had with them. The plot was engaging, and the characters were well done. The dialog was also spot on. And, man, was it action packed! Whew. What a ride.

If I had to choose between Felix or Zander, I think I’d pick Felix. Zander’s great, don’t get me wrong. He has that mystery to him, and he’s strong and attractive. He’s also filthy rich, which is a plus. However, I liked how prickly Felix was, and how he had a definite personal bubble. He also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, and had a disability, while still managing to be funny, endearing, and able to make friends and forgive. Felix was a win for me.

There was a lot of action. Space station battles, guns, blood, and crazy technology. Orders being barked every second, and the tension balanced on the edge of a knife. It seemed like each man was for himself, but everyone pulled together in the end. And it all was packed around a sweet story, which got pretty freakin’ sexy. Hoo boy.

Read this for the aliens, for the characters, or for the slow burn romance—whatever you read it for, you’ll love Chaos Station. And hey—look!—it’s a series!

Lonely Shore

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