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COMICS: Batman a Trans Ally


January is a big month for trans fans of DC Comics, as one of the iconic brand’s writers has come out as transgender, and the latest issue of Detective Comics pulls back the cape on Batman’s support for a mysterious new character, who just happens to be trans.

She is Dr. Victoria October, an unorthodox scientist in charge of a quarantined zone of Gotham City that she calls, “Monster-Town.”

Of course, October isn’t the first transgender character in mainstream comic books. That honor fell to Batgirl’s roommate, Alysia Yeoh, who came out as trans to Barbara Gordon, in a tearful exchange in April 2013.

But as Screen Rant told its readers, the gender history of Dr. October is treated more as an afterthought, a commentary, as she makes her first appearance with Batman and Batwoman, who next month will be the star of her own, new standalone comic book.

By Dawn Ennis – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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