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Created vs. Evolved

werewolf evolution

QSFer Hank T. Cannon has an interesting question for us today:

Do you prefer “evolved” creatures and races, or creatures that are expressly created by other beings, these “creators” being either on the page or off the page? If both created and evolved exist, is there a conflict between them? What about those who are created, and then evolve?

It could apply equally to paranormal, Fantasy or sci fi stories. In paranormal, for instance, we can have werewolves who “evolved” from a natural process, or those who were “created” by a man-made virus.

In Fantasy, again maybe elves and dwarves evolved alongside humans. Or were they created with magic at some point?

You see where I’m going here. So do you have a preference? Have you written (or read) any stories that played with this idea of evolution versus creation?

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