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Discussion: Beauty in the Future


Our conceptions of beauty change over time.

A few hundred years back, fat and white was “in” in Europe because it showed you could afford food and weren’t part of the peasant class.

Today the rich and elite are thin and bronzed.

How will the future, specifically space travel and new genetic techniques, change our sense of beauty once again? What will be considered beautiful in 2514?


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1 thought on “Discussion: Beauty in the Future”

  1. Hard to tell what direction ideas of beauty will go in the future. Look at the current popularity of tattoos and othe5r body modification among people that has developed in the last 30 years or so. I am tattooed and when I started in the late 1960s most artists would not do tattoos in areas that could not be covered by normal clothing. Tattoos on the neck, face and hands below the wrists were just not done. Things have certainly changed in that respect.

    IN Elizabethan England I have read that black teeth were considered beautiful as they werea sign of having enough money to overindulge in sugar, a expensive luxury at the time.

    Something that used to be confined primarily to military personnel, tattooing, has become completely mainstream.


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