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Discussion: What to Expect for Your First Book

First Book

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Beth Brock:

What should new authors expect from their first few books? Emotionally, who their first readers will be, and expectations from their editors.

It’s a great question. I just got through my first two stand-alone releases. And while they were not, technically speaking, full-blown books (they were novellas), most of the same things apply.

I learned a lot this first time around. I learned that some publishers have a more thorough editing process than others. I learned that a large part of the marketing process falls on the author’s shoulders, especially when you’re working with a small press. I learned that it’s easy to spend a lot of money on promo that gets you very little, but that paying someone else to set up a blog tour has its benefits.

And I learned to never, ever, ever read my Goodreads reviews.

So my questions today – for our more experienced authors out there, what did you learn the first time? And for our newbies, what questions do you have?

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