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Discussion: What’s Most Important to You in LGBT Speculative Fiction?

gay sci fi

We all come to LGBT speculative fiction from different places.

Some of us were “straight” romance writers who stumbled across MM/FF romance and genre fiction and loved it.

Some of us were writers (and readers) of “mainstream” sci fi or fantasy or paranormal (or all three) and then found LGBT genre fiction later.

So we all come in expecting different things.

What’s more important to you in an LGBT sci fi, fantasy or paranormal story story? The cool tech/magic/paranormal aspect? The flavor of the culture / society? The relationships / romance (if any)? What is it that most draws you in?

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1 thought on “Discussion: What’s Most Important to You in LGBT Speculative Fiction?”

  1. What’s important to me, as a gay writer, in LGBT science fiction is what is important to me in all the science fiction I write and read: character-centered stories that show how ordinary people are challenged, changed, and consoled by extraordinary events impacting their lives. I read (and try to write) SF that will give me and my readers a sense of wonder.


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