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Doctor Who Takes “Bury Your Gays” to a Whole New Level

Doctor Who Bury Your Gays

Doctor Who may have set a TV record with the fastest “Bury Your Gays” moment ever. Fans of the hit BBC sci-fi show were thrilled when a new gay character was introduced in its New Year’s Day special “Resolution.” But the excitement didn’t last long. Because less than half a minute later, the character had his lifeless body dragged down an empty hallway.

Actor Connor Calland made his TV debut playing a gay security guard named Richard. In his <30 seconds of screen time, he challenges Dalek-controlled character Lin, played by actress Charlotte Ritchie, as she attempts to break into a secure facility.

When asked who can open a fingerprint-controlled door, Richard responds: “Today, just me. Most secure digits in Yorkshire. That’s what I tell my boyfriend, anyway. I probably shouldn’t be telling you that, I’m new at this.”

And that’s when he gets killed.

By Graham Gremore – Full Story at Queerty


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1 thought on “Doctor Who Takes “Bury Your Gays” to a Whole New Level”

  1. Characters, gay and straight, get killed off in Doctor Who All. The. Time. Doctor Who (in it’s current incarnation) has seen more diversity than ever.


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