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Fan Fic Outings

Kirk Spock GayOK, I thought we’d have a little fun today. A lot of writers got their start doing fan fiction – taking beloved characters / universes and putting their own (often LGBT) spin on them.

Think Kirk and Spock as a power Trek couple.

So if you were going to write your own sci fi, paranormal, or LGBY fan fic, which characters would you out? Where would they fall on the LGBTQI… spectrum? And what stories would you tell?


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1 thought on “Fan Fic Outings”

  1. I have done this, many times. I started about I think it was 10 years ago with a gay couple who were Trek MACOs. This was partly in response to people I would see on message boards who were rather homophobic. The main plot is a woman becoming irresistible due to alien hormones. Of course Dave and Frank are among the few who are unaffected.

    Another is of a lesbian marriage where one is a rabbi. Her wife is getting the Trek version of Alzheimer’s, Irumodic Syndrome. It’s hard to watch Diana slipping away, but Leah stands by her gal. I have another lesbian couple with a similar predicament and in that one, Leonora helps Melissa commit assisted suicide before she gets any worse.

    Another crew member kills himself and his secret is revealed, that he was a transvestite. No one knew, no one remembers him much, and it isn’t even necessarily why Kelsey did what he did. A female friend returns his dress and places it into a repurposed torpedo tube, his casket, before it’s jettisoned into space.

    Yet another is asexual, a useful guy to have around when a ship is trapped and turns generational, but the ratio is skewed. Chris just watches it all from a distance and isn’t interested in anyone.

    I should write more of these folks. I think I like Diana and Leah the most and their relationship is a lot more than Diana’s eventual decline. Thanks for the soapbox!

    /hops off/


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