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Fan Fiction – Cross Genre Edition


I thought we’d have a little fun today. Many writers get their start in fan fic – writing their own stories in someone else’s already-established universe.

But that’s old news. Here’s my thought. Construct your own fantasy world (and by fantasy here I mean “not real” – using at least two characters from two separate writer/universes and genres, and describe their story.

Extra points for an LGBT twist. Extra extra points for coming up with a celebrity nickname for your new couple. And mega points for a photoshopped photo of the two. :P

So for example, a young Captain Kirk (let’s say the Chris Pine version) finds a magic lamp in the desert, rubs it, and is transported back to the time of the Arabian Nights, where he becomes Aladdin’s boyfriend. I imagine brooding Kirk would get pretty annoyed with Aladdin’s peppy attitude. Hijinks ensue. I christen them Kirladdin.

Got it? Let’s see what this fine group of writerly minds can come up with.

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