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FILM: Lesbian Erotica Meets Sci Fi in New Short

Experiment H21 is an adult short film featuring an all-female cast, exploring medical fetish and extra-terrestrial encounters. The story takes place in an alien medical room as two extra-terrestrial nurses perform erotic experiments on their patient. 

The film runs for 13 minutes, and is a gift to anyone who loves science fiction or medical fetishes. With a soundtrack reminiscent of the X-Files, the colours, alien nurse costumes and medical bay design will captivate the imagination. You will be unable to look away. It is mysterious and erotic all at once, offering a sci-fi delight to fans.

Experiment H21 was screened at the first ever Smut Club Film Festival in Perth 2017, with Kim presenting a panel about ‘the changing face of porn.’ 

A film unlike any other on the adult market, H21 is named after a reference on our hopes to contact alien life. 21cm is the wavelength of hydrogen as it emits a radio wave of 1,420MHz, which scientists have declared is the frequency suited to contacting interstellar beings. 

Experiment H21 uses toys and kink equipment like Wartenberg wheels, stainless steel dildos, and speculums. Safe sex practices like dental dams and gloves used in an erotic manner.

The film is available for purchase at

About Kim Cums: Kim Cums is a small independent porn website run by an Aussie-American couple with a passion for film and photography. Kim Cums is an Australian sex worker and porn actress who has worked with multiple companies including, LightSouthern, Girls out West, PopPorn and Aussie Ass. Jay holds a background in photography and created with Kim in 2016. 


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