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Finally Sold My First Story!!!

Hey all,

I got some great news this week – I sold my first story! it’s called The Bear at the Bar, and it’s an MM romance with a bit of a supernatural spin.

It was picked up for a forthcoming Dreamspinner Press anthology called A Taste of Honey – all stories about Bears and the men who love them – it’s coming out in September. :)

And I also “sold” a photo this week. I’m not even particularly a photographer, but Poplorish, a magazine for Pacific NW writers, asked for submissions, so I sent in a story, and they also asked for photos related to their theme, which was “yarn” – in both the physical and metaphorical sense.

I happened to have a photo of a house that had been yarn-bombed, and so I sent it in – what the heck, right? And they chose it to use on the cover of their next issue. I’m not sure if it’s alone or in a montage, but it’s still very cool. Alas, they passed on the story, but they encouraged me to submit more.

So it’s been a great week!



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