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For All: Which Cons Are You Attending in 2017?



Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Denise Dechene:

“Cons – whose going and which cons.”

Yes, let us know where y’all are planning to go in the next year. We’re one big (mostly) happy family – where will we see each other?

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3 thoughts on “For All: Which Cons Are You Attending in 2017?”

  1. Sadly, none. GRL 2016 in Kansas City was my first and only con. Okay, if I ever win some lottery without buying a ticket, the money might change things. Other than that, nope. I had a fantastic time this year and met wonderful people…not least of which being the great QSFers…so I wish you all great fun and enjoyment around the country. Eric

  2. In 2017 BishounenCon in March, Anime Boston in April, Nauticon in May, Flamecon in August, Nijicon in November, 1/2 as many cons as last year. I’ve got a real job now, and time off is a commodity.


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