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FOR READERS: Are Multiple Pen Names Confusing?

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Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Alexis Woods:

Lately I’ve come across more and more authors writing under various pen names. I first ran into this with contemporary author Sierra Riley, who is also Aubrey Cullens and various others I think because there is a collective hive mind. Then there’s Noah Harris, who has several aliases, and a brother John, but is there really?

I get it if you write in two opposing genres, like erotica and YA, but it can be difficult to search through a myriad of names to find books by the authors I like.

So, I am curious if anyone else finds it hard to keep up with author pen names?

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4 thoughts on “FOR READERS: Are Multiple Pen Names Confusing?”

  1. For me, personally, I find it quite confusing. However, have been able to find the various pseudonyms on their websites or Facebook accounts. For some who write in various genres, I understand separating themselves from the various books. However, as a reader who enjoys their works and actively look forward to new books, I think missing some of them is a distinct possibility.
    Thank you.

  2. I completely agree that it can be confusing. I actually found this site because I was on the hunt for pen names. First I was looking for the two authors that co-pen Stella Starling, One of which is Aubrey Cullens (which took a bit of work to find out). Come to find out, Cullens is another pen name for Sierra Riley, whom I was already familiar with. Having read her authors notes, I know she writes under at least one other pseudonym that I have not yet figured out. So far all of these pen names are within the same genre. The weird thing to me, is that this particular author doesn’t seem to advertise her other pen names to her readers. When I find an author I like, I tend to read everything I can written by them. You would think that they would want to facilitate that.


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