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FOR READERS: The First Story

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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Robin Harper:

What was your first LGBT+ spec fic story (be it book, TV, Fanfiction, etc…) that got you hooked on the genre?

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This is a legacy topic.


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2 thoughts on “FOR READERS: The First Story”

  1. Mercedes Lackey’s Magic Series. It was the first time I had read about two men falling in love. I have been hooked ever since.
    Love your newsletters, Scott! Keep them coming!!

  2. Sci-Fi: Melissa Scott’s Dreamships. It’s pure sci-fi where one of the characters is bisexual. It made me curious enough to explore.
    Fantasy: Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Lythande (Thieves’ World). A female character lives under assumed male identity.
    Folklore/mythology: You will be surprised what one can find in “1001 Nights” :)

    Those three (besides various historical bromances a-la Sherlock/Watson) definitely fired up my interest in LGBT fiction, m/m especially.


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