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For Readers: Where Do You Read?


We all have our own favorite places to cozy up with a good book (or our kindle, or iPad, or whatever you like to read on)

For some of us, it’s outside. Others prefer a cozy bed, or a warm spot by the fire on a rainy winter evening.

So where do you read? In bed? In the line at the Post office? Under your favorite tree? Wherever you can?

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1 thought on “For Readers: Where Do You Read?”

  1. I read whenever my eyes are open, so pretty much everywhere. Maybe not when I am driving. It is possible I may have a book loaded on my phone when I am at work and as I wrestle spreadsheets and SQL I might let my eyes stray slightly to the side…
    I have been banned from reading in the shower, which I still don’t understand. I love reading in bed, because I am lazy and it is comfortable. With 4 devices of various sizes to read on, I can accommodate reading in any situation. And then there are real live solid books to read from.
    Right now I am reclining on the lounge, reading one story on my phone and another on my ipad (along with 3 mangas), I am typing on my laptop and my kindle is charging.


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