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FOR WRITERS: Telling Queer Stories in Megastructures

Megastructure - deposit photos


Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Jim Comer:

Megastructures and where and how they belong in SF/F; where do we fit in? Dyson Spheres/Shells, Ringworlds, Topopoleis. Alderson disks etc. This group deals with QUILTBAG individuals, mostly of human-like species. CAN we tell an LGBT story in such a setting? Is there any point even to discussing LGBT issues when we’re constructing a shell AROUND A STAR?

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1 thought on “FOR WRITERS: Telling Queer Stories in Megastructures”

  1. Since the whole point of a megastructure like this is a gigantic amount of living space (like the equivalent of billions of earths in one star system–arguably the most probable being a Dyson Swarm) then in theory the question becomes open-ended in the extreme. You can have diversity in terms of society and (given the technology involved, which presumably would include biology) phenotype far beyond that of STAR WARS, BABYLON 5 and STAR TREK combined. One of the most obvious examples that comes to mind is the character of Zebra in Alastair Reynolds’ CHASM CITY, who is transgender on a genetic level. In her society this is nothing to even mention much, save as one would a hair style or choice of personal art form. Yet one can also imagine far more restrictive societies, even mono-gender ones such as those in Elizabeth Bujold’s ETHAN OF ATHOS or David Brin’s GLORY SEASON. Elsewhere might be those who have eshewed technology rather like the setting of the motion picture THE VILLAGE. Yet all part of the same titanic structure or cluster of structures.


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