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For Writers: Why Do Aliens Find Humans Attractive?

It+s+ok+he+is+an+alien+it+s+not+gay+_a6d825b4cb4e158cddd6202d5b50dac1Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Aidee Ladnier:

I’ve always wondered why aliens would find humans attractive. This trope has even invaded LGBTQ fic.

I’ve always wondered about this. I think when we’re more on the romance side of things, it’s a “suspension of belief” thing. We want to believe in stories of love with a handsome alien, so we do. :)

On the sci fi side, though, things get a bit more dicey, as the story requires a rationale for why this would be so. It would make for a fascinating story if a human and an alien were in love, but couldn’t stand the smell of one another. :P

So what’s your take on all of this? Does it make sense for humans and aliens to be attracted to one another? And if so, how and why would that be?

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