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For Writers: Writing Non Binary



Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer John Allenson:

John suggested that we talk about writing non binary characters. So often in fiction, we’re stuck on the idea that characters are either male or female – that they fit into society’s traditional gender worldview.

Even with transgender characters, there’s often an expectation that they are “really” one or another – male or female – and are on a journey to physically become their real gender.

But that leaves out a whole bunch of people, including folks who are intersex, transgender people who do not fully transition, and gender fluid folks who don’t fit neatly into either binary camp. And of course you can be a mix of any or all these things.

So how do we get past our traditional concepts of gender to write characters who embrace the idea of a gender spectrum? Have you done so in your own work? Or have you read stories that have done this particularly well?

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1 thought on “For Writers: Writing Non Binary”

  1. By questioning all the gender stereotypes we take for granted through your character’s eyes? There’s actually a lot, which people accept as normal, which could be considered strange.


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