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Free Gay Shifter Romance on Amazon

Winter WolfThis one just dropped from 3.99 to free on Amazon Kindle:

Imagine having almost everything you want: a place of your own, mountains to climb, woods to roam–and above all, privacy. It’s Axton’s definition of paradise, because a werewolf needs his space and his secrets. He’s the resident recluse of a sleepy, far flung town hours away from his cabin in the woods, but there’s more than one hidden truth in Axton’s life. The lycanthropy’s enough to make a hermit out of him, but it’s the fact that Axton’s gay and closeted that keeps him shy. Friendship–let alone romance–isn’t an option. Without a pack for support, Axton has to protect his secrets himself. And that means being careful.

All’s well in the shapeshifter’s life until the day a well meaning human decides to vacation in the cabin next door. At first Axton wants nothing to do with his new neighbor, but Leander Avilez is a dream: young, strapping, manly. As if it’s not enough that Leander’s gorgeous, he’s also charming. Axton finds himself falling hard.

But visions of sweet romance aren’t in the realistic picture: Leander’s thoroughly human. Axton’s terrified of intimacy with someone who doesn’t know his secret, because his change isn’t forced by the full moon. Whenever Axton’s hurt or surprised or on edge, he goes wolf–and he can’t stop it. How is he supposed to keep his lycanthropy a secret from his new neighbor? And how is he going to hide his growing and undeniable attraction?

And why does Leander have to be straight?

Winter Wolf is on Amazon here


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