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Gay Superheroes

Stripling Warrior

Let’s check out the Superman/Batman end of the sci fi pool today.

When I was in my early teens, I started collecting comic books, and I was fascinated by Superman – good looking guy, great muscles, and really good inside too. But in my wildest youth fantasies, I couldn’t have imagined a gay superhero at the time.

But now they’re popping out all over – and not just gay ones – lesbian, bisexual – maybe even transgender.

And just this morning I saw an article about a crowdfunding effort for a gay Mormon superhero (photo above)!

So here are my questions for today: What super power would you give to a gay character? And it doesn’t need to be a sexual power (though some of you will undoubtedly go there). Also, what kind of superhero stories can we tell that will shed light on the LGBt community and society as a whole?


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1 thought on “Gay Superheroes”

  1. I don’t think LGBT heroes should be limited in what powers they have, so I don’t think in terms of what power I would give one, as if it was different than what power I would give ANY hero. I often purchase LGBT novels and graphic novels (especially super powered heroes) from They are, hands down, our favorite company to find really good LGBT comics from. One of the reasons I mention them is the YA comics they put out with LGBT supers, geared to tackle bullying and similar problems LGBT teens and preteens face. For instance, I have donated things like RISE, PRIDE HIGH, and THE POWER WITHIN to our local GSA.


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