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Hacker Takes Control of Men’s Chastity Cages

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A hacker took control of men’s electronic chastity cages and held their penises to ransom, according to a security researcher.

The hacker seized control of a number of chastity cages and told men that they would have to pay him a fee in bitcoin in order to regain control, according to screenshots of conversations recorded by a security researcher.

It was revealed in October 2020 that a security flaw in the Cellmate Chastity Cage meant that hackers could access it remotely and lock the cage permanently, meaning “anyone could remotely lock all devices and prevent users from releasing themselves”.

Now, it has been confirmed that a hacker was able to take control of men’s devices – which are often used by people in the BDSM community to prevent erections – according to screenshots obtained by a security researcher.

Full Story from Pink News


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