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How Graphic Should Speculative Fiction Be?

Starship Troopers

Today’s topic coems from QSFer Tam Ames: “Spec Fiction can often be more graphic than traditional romance. I was thinking about the Charm of Magpies and I actually put a warning in my reviews that there was some very graphic bloody scenes. It is sold as m/m (which it should be) but it’s certainly more graphic than most. How graphic do people like their sci-fi?

“Do you prefer it more sanitized with the emphasis on relationships and not gore? Whatever works? Before I found m/m I read mostly crime fiction and there were some very graphic novels about serial killers that described their crimes in lurid detail so I didn’t mind it, but I wonder if those who come from a more traditional “romance” background find it a bit much sometimes.”

Let’s broaden it out a bit – how do you feel about graphic violence, etc in sci fi, fantasy or paranormal?


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