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How Old Is the Universe? Older Than Me (and You)

light rays - pixabay

Ancient light from the Big Bang has revealed a precise new estimate for the universe’s age: 13.77 billion years, give or take 40 million years.

The new estimate, based on data from an array of telescopes in the Chilean Atacama Desert, also weighs in on one of the most important disagreements in astrophysics: How fast is the universe expanding? Described in two scientific papers, the new result gives a significant boost to one side of the disagreement, though the physicists couldn’t prove the other side of the dispute wrong.

Here’s the problem: Physicists need to understand the universe’s expansion rate to make any sense of cosmology — the science of our whole universe’s past, present and future. They know that a mysterious substance called dark energy is causing the universe to expand (at an ever-increasing rate) in all directions.. But when astronomers point their telescopes into space to measure the Hubble constant (H0) — the number that describes how fast the universe is expanding at different distances from us or another point — they come up with numbers that disagree with each other, depending on the method they use.

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