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It’s Time to Out Some Wizards

Albus Dumbledore GayOkay, so we all now know that Dumbledore, the head of Hogwarts school of magic in the Harry Potter series, was secretly gay.

And we also noted Ian McKellen, who has played Gandalf in the Lord of the rings movies, is also gay, even if the character of Gandalf is not.

And I always suspected that Frodo and Sam had little thing going on the side.

It’s a proven fact that the more gay people you know, the more likely you are to support LGBT writes, so I think the time is come.

My challenge to you today – name a character from a well-known fantasy book, series, TV show, etc., who you always secretly suspected was LGBT, and why. Heck, we’ll even allow characters from science fiction and paranormal in this one.

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