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Expiring Calls

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We’re collecting calls for submissions for LGBT sci fi, fantasy and supernatural stories here. If you know of one, let us know at [email protected].

These are calls with expiration dates. If you are looking for ongoing Calls for Submission, click here.

Submission Deadline: 11/1/17

orthogonalTitle: Sex and Revolution
Genre: Any
Word Count: 5-5000
Publisher: Orthogonal
Contact: [email protected]
Payment: Stories: $100 as well as a small percentage of the sale of each e-copy. If you’d prefer, instead of the $100 we also offer the option to receive $70 (plus percentage) and a Worldcon supporting/voting membership. Flash Fiction: flat rate of $30, plus the small percentage of the sale of each e-copy.  Alternatively, you can elect to receive the voting Worldcon membership (plus percentage) as your payment.
Description: Let’s talk about sex.

It is the one human drive about which we go to war, intellectually, spiritually, and physically.  Who you love, how you love, who you are when you do it:  any of these can put you on the front lines against your will, struggling for your life.

So what if instead sex is the weapon with which you choose to fight?  What if sex is the blunt instrument, the stiletto between the ribs, the counter-intelligence whisper campaign designed to change hearts and minds?

What if it’s the right fuck that levels cities, the explosive catalyst bringing the whole conflict to an end once and for all?

What would that look like?  Let’s find out.

We’ll be open to anonymous submissions from 10/1 until the last candle gutters out on All Saints’ Day, looking for stories that dive deep into the subject of sex as a revolutionary act.  Here are a few things that might help you in figuring out what we want, and perhaps more importantly, what we don’t.

  • Stories submitted for this issue should be about sex and revolution, however you choose to define those terms.
  • Stories will be chosen for their adult subject matter.
  • They will *also* be chosen for their adult treatment of that subject matter.
  • We are open to all genres in the pursuit of this subject, but plain erotica (or out and out porn) probably won’t make the cut.
    • Unless it’s good erotica.
      • (Or very, very good porn.)
  • As always, we welcome stories from across the entire spectrum of race, gender, and sexuality.

And with those thoughts in mind, we bring you back to our regular submission guidelines already in progress.

When thinking about what to submit to Orthogonal, you could do worse than a little Hakim Bey:

  • Don’t write for other writers:
    Kick the bastards out of your head; they don’t pay rent and they clutter up the place.  If your writing group told you it could never be published, we want to see it.
  • Avoid recognizable categories:
    We can gum 31 flavors of repetitive predigested nostalgia anywhere. If there’s already a name, a magazine, or a pat cover image for it we probably don’t want it.  Give us something that requires a little teeth.
  • Avoid politics. (Or be clever enough to slip them through the back door.)
    Don’t preach unless you’re moved to testify.  We’re more than open to having our rafters shaken but prim sniffs and disapproving finger waggles will be a hard sell.
  • Don’t be sentimental; be ruthless. Take risks.
    Spare nothing. Leave everything on the floor and light it on fire behind you. Be safe and respectable with the professional markets; this is a chance to take your fiction over the edge and see if it will fly.
  • Vandalize only that which *must* be defaced.
    Lou Reed once said “I’m too literate to be into punk rock.”  It wasn’t entirely true but it did make the point that iconoclasm isn’t cool if it’s dumb.  Choose your targets with precision and *then* clog all their toilets at once.
  • Write something children will remember all their lives.
    character, a phrase, a single idea.  Make us remember why we fell in love with fiction in the first place.
  • Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary.
    We require that all submissions be anonymous. (Read more about the reasons for that here.)  What this means is grab a free email account, strip your headers of any identifying information and leave your publication credits at the door. We want stories from every possible viewpoint; we have absolutely zero interest in knowing who you are. If we like the story we’ll ask. Then it’s up to you whether you want to remove the mask.

Website: http://www.orthogonalsf.net/submission-guidelines/

Submission Deadline: 11/30/17

MatadorTitle: The Matador Review
Genre: Various
Word Count: Up to 10K
Publisher: The Matador Review
Editor: JT Lachausse
Contact: [email protected]
Payment: Currently, TMR is not a paying market.
Description: Our purpose is to promote “alternative work” from both art and literature, and to encourage the new-wave of respect for online publications. In a world of print, we celebrate the digital decision. The Matador Review strives to be a cultural conservationist for the alternative world. In each issue, we offer a selection of work from both emerging and established artists, as well as exclusive interviews and book reviews from creators who are, above all else, provocative. For us, “alternative” is a way of voice and experience. It is the distinction from what is conventional, and it advocates for a progressive attitude. The Matador Review binds itself to these tenets, fostering a habitat for the unfamiliar and unsung.

Website: www.matadorreview.com/submissions

Submission Deadline: 11/30/17

Queer HappeningsTitle: Queer Happenings eZine
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 2-7.5K
Editor: Editor
Contact: [email protected]
Payment: Not at this time; May become paying later
Description: Our first three themes:

Things That Go Bump in the Night: Stories for this theme can be about anything from a haunted house to a Scottish werewolf leaving a fish on your window sill every night. These stories will be for our January, 2018 issue.

Monsters Meet Cute: A romantic candlelight dinner with a date that can’t seem to stop themselves from howling at the moon, a blind date with an unnaturally pale person who seems to only drink wine and not touch their food, or swiping right on the guy who seems a little too into brains, these stories are stories about monstrous dates and combine elements of horror with romance. They can be funny, serious, or scary. Please, though absolutely no erotica. These stories will be for our February 2018 issue.

Witchy Things: A witch hunched over a bubbling cauldron brewing a potion, a magical enchanter whom some call Tim. This issue is all about stories about witches, warlocks, and wizards. Whether at the turning of the equinox or High Samhain, high magic and low sorcery are rich with horror themes. These stories will be for our March 2018 issue.

Submission Info: https://queerhappeningsezine.wordpress.com/submissions/

Call: https://queerhappeningsezine.wordpress.com/2017/10/01/call-for-submissions/


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